Gallery: A Little Bit of Summer for Your Winter

If you’re as heartily sick of snow and windchills and ice and more snow as I am, do join me in this lovely oasis and let’s not return until it’s at least spring which according to today’s Chicago forecast will be about six months from now…

Exclusive photos from Sun Valley, August 2014, © David Ingogly. Please click any photo for spectacular full-size image. 

01-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9768_e1wmJohnny at the end of his practice on the Sun Valley ice, as fans eagerly wait to greet him.


02-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9835_e1wmAaaaand the youngest fans can’t wait any longer. They rush forward to meet him for Johnny hugs!




04-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9848_e1wmWith my lovely friends Judith Dale and Maiko Ohtani. In the foreground are Judith’s granddaughter Naomi and Anastasia Pryanikova’s daughter Lexi, fresh from their hugs.




06-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9857_e1wmFlowers for Johnny from Anastasia.








10-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9866_e1wmNaomi and Lexi approve.


11-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9870_e1wmCracking everyone up.




13-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9876_e1wmJulie Findon (far left) and Jen Warfield (next to Ana) also made the long, long trek out to Sun Valley!


14-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9885-2_e1wmGiggles continue. Between Ana and Judith is Judith’s daughter (and Naomi’s mom), Jenna. Who was very very kind to put up with the rest of us.


15-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9891_e1wmNever too busy to say yes to a photo request, and these young fans are thrilled.




17-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9895_e1wmAn animated convo with Maiko…




19-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9900_e1wm…and then it’s time for a selfie…


20-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9901_e1wm…the results of which prompt more cracking up.


21-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9916_e1wmTalking with his hands again. And so kind to spend so much time chatting with everyone…


22-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9917_e1wm…and making us all laugh, though Naomi and Lexi are #NotImpressed with us.



“OK, everybody, family portrait!” Johnny says.


24-JW_DWK_08-2014_IMG_9906_e1wmThank you so much, Johnny, for such a wonderful afternoon!


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  1 comment for “Gallery: A Little Bit of Summer for Your Winter

  1. Julie Findon
    February 18, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    Wonderful memories – so great when new pics surface after some time passes! It was a great weekend – with the rare and awesome chance to see Johnny skate live, and gathering with some of the best folks I know, and am pleased to call my friends! Thank you, Ms. Binky.

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