Forever Our Fallen Angel



Five years ago tonight, Johnny skated the iconic performance of his career: his heartbreaking, achingly beautiful Fallen Angel program at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

It was both one of the most beautiful and most bitter moments of his life.

I hadn’t planned on blogging about it, actually. But then the Russian fan group, Diva on Ice, posted this lovely acknowledgement on Twitter:



Even after all this time, the controversy over whether or not he should have medaled (Yes. He should have.) lives on among dedicated skating fans.

But the world at large decided long ago. I can’t even tell you how many hundreds of articles I’ve read since then that reference him as “Olympic medalist” or “Olympic champion” in the text, the captions, even the headlines.

On that day in Vancouver, and every day since then, he was the winner.

In all the ways that matter.

I haven’t seen these photos in a long time. Looking back now, this is how I remember him.


















JW_FallenAngel_2010_010_g2Machiko hands him his rose crown and his “J” bouquet.



My favorite moment of 2010,
and of my life, really,
was the final pose of my long program
in the Vancouver Olympic Games.
I had given up and gained so much
to get to the point of total human oneness —
an athlete, an artist,
with my soul shining out
of every pore of my body,
with a world erupting all around me
in applause,
staring up to God —
it was the moment of my life.

Johnny Weir

Photos via wire services.

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  4 comments for “Forever Our Fallen Angel

  1. Mimi Dzyacky
    February 19, 2015 at 6:54 pm

    And not long after this he made an appearance for Cuties in Chicago….there he was. In all his fur coated, lithe, post olympic fabulousness…I couldn’t even get the words out! There. He. Is. OMG!!! There were threats of Peta and it was crazy! It was there that I met Judi Jay Karas Lexi Karas Marla Showfer Laura Klinkner Konieczny from arranging to meet from Binky’s Johnny Weir Blog and Facebook. so girls it’s 5 years since we fell in love with Johnny and 5 years that I made a group of friends I will never ever forget!!! I didn’t get to meet the fabulous Misfit Mimes until another where she gave me a I JGW pin (still have it)…as much in awe of Bink as I was of JGW…that God they had a cocktail meet and greet or I never would have met Johnny (with the help of Judi Jay Karas shoving me into him, as I was frozen in awe of his beauty) and able to give him a hug! There is more as many of you know since we have traveled far and wide to see our beloved….but thought i’d just share and thank you and especially our Goddess Lynn!!!! LOVE LOVE

  2. Amy
    February 19, 2015 at 7:22 am

    This moment changed my life. The most beautiful performance I had ever seen. I was of course an instant Johnny fan but also of figure skating. I started skating immediately. I have learned a lot about figure skating since then and one thing I learned is the judging is not legitimate no matter what system they use. I am thrilled everytime I see Johnny on TV now as the NBC commentator for figure skating and other things. He won. He won the fame. He won the hearts of the American people. No matter what placed he finished the people love and respect him and his skating. He is a smart man, a beautiful skater and as he is frequently called Olympic Champion. I love it everytime I hear it. I am excited to see what is next for him.

  3. February 18, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    I remember saying this before but I’ve been watching Johnny Weir for a long time. There are a few sports I watch fervently and ice skating has always been a sport I felt passionate about. I saw him win the US championships and was crushed when he failed to medal in the Olympics of 2006. But 2010 would be his year. And so I watched, oblivious to the criticisms (which I rarely pay attention to anyway) and watched him skate his ass off. The short program was great but I remember standing up in my living room in front of my 26” screen alternating between applauding wildly and touching my heart with both hands. There are some moving skating programs that have made me feel the emotion the skaters were portraying on the ice. Torville and Dean was one performance I was moved by as well as Jason Brown at last year’s US Championship. But on that night in Vancouver when Johnny finished his free skate I said to myself, ‘well it doesn’t get any better than that!’

    I didn’t even have to be there to feel the love. To know that his heart was left on that ice that night. He had given everything he had and had made all of his jumps. But not only that, you could tell he really felt that performance. He was saying this is who I am. This is the culmination of everything I have sacrificed and look at where it has brought me.

    Discussing the judging is a mute point. Because he won. Everyone knew he had and I bet in hindsight the judges knew it too. But it doesn’t diminish what he did that wonderful night and what he has become today. There are those people you’re glad you knew about in your lifetime and Johnny Weir is one of those individuals for me.

    And so thanks Diva on Ice and thanks Binky. It was good reviewing that performance one more time. It puts his life in perspective for me. And I am very proud of him and where his head is at today.

    Valoris ’68

  4. 325noane (Yoshiko)
    February 18, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    Deeply moved✴
    The moment of Johnny’s life!
    Johnny was beautiful ✴

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