Exclusive Video Clip: Johnny to Appear in ‘The Haunting Of’


UPDATE!! Johnny’s episode is scheduled to air Saturday, April 11, 9 pm ET on LMN!

Enjoy this new sneak peek from The Haunting Of’s Facebook page!




So remember this photo that Johnny tweeted back in November 2014…?

JW_KRusso_12-05-2014_02Via Johnny: “Just finished filming the most fun project! Can’t give it away but I can’t wait for you all to see it in 2015!”


And then a few weeks later, Kim Russo—the “Happy Medium” and star of several TV shows, including Lifetime Movie Network’s The Haunting Of—tweeted this:

JW_KRusso_12-05-2014_01Via Kim: “Another #mystery has been unraveled for #Thehauntingof #famous #iceskater #oneforthebooks”


Now at last all is revealed: the new season of The Haunting Of begins Saturday, February 28, and will include Johnny’s episode! Here’s the preview clip they just started showing on LMN (special thanks to Mimi Dzyacky for the alert!):


Video link.


Update: Longer version of the preview clip!
Video link.


IDK when his episode will air yet—the season begins with Greg Grunberg’s segment—so please keep checking back here for the date announcement. Can’t wait to see this!

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