“Be Real and Honest With Your Fans”

As mentioned yesterday, Johnny and Tara were panelists for a discussion of social media strategy last night as part of the ongoing events for Social Media Week NY. They had some intriguing things to say, and fortunately for us, the event sponsor, Blue States Digital, and the attendees did a great job of sharing it all—as you might happily expect from a group of social media aficionados.

The two things that seemed to strike the audience the most about Johnny: his authenticity on social media (which of course is no different than his authenticity in everything else), and his relationship with his fans. I especially enjoyed his comment about why he sometimes retweets the hateful things that are said to him.

Here’s a peek into a fun and much more interesting evening than virtually any panel discussion I’ve ever seen. Since because Johnny, of course.


Warming up to talk social media with @TeamUSA at #SMWTeamUSA

A photo posted by TARA & JOHNNY (@taraandjohnny) on

First up: a lovely photo of our two fav commentators preparing for their panel!


JW_SMW_02-2015_02_e1 Via Ariel Sanchez: “looking forward to the upcoming “Keeping an Audience Engaged” session hosted by @BSD #SMWTeamUSA #SMWNYC”


JW_SMW_02-2015_03 Our first glimpse (those shoes!). Via Abe Greenhouse: “.@GilleaA introducing @BSD’s #SMWTeamUSA panel at #SMWNYC”


JW_SMW_02-2015_04Via Kadi McDonald: “Olympians and some awesome social media leaders. #SMWTeamUSA #3STTNPEvents”


 Via Joey Maestas: “USA, USA, USA! Live @vine from our #SMWTeamUSA panel at #SMWNYC. @taralipinski @JohnnyGWeir”


JW_SMW_02-2015_05Via Sapana Kulkarni: “Learning how the U.S. Olympic Committee is actually a non-profit. Had no idea! #smwteamusa”


JW_SMW_02-2015_06Via Kady McDonald: “Those shoes, tho. @JohnnyGWeir @taralipinski #SMWTeamUSA #3STTNPEvents”


JW_SMW_02-2015_07Via Jesse Ferrell: “Tara Lipinski (and Johnny) are part of #smwteamusa tonight. #SMWNYC #SMW15”


JW_SMW_02-2015_08 Via Anastasia Pryanikova: “Social media panel #SMWTeamUSA #SMWNYC”


JW_SMW_02-2015_09Via Marissa Miotek: “What a great #SMWNYC night @CivicHall – @BSD #SMWTeamUSA event featuring @JohnnyGWeir & @taralipinski”





JW_SMW_02-2015_10 Via Blue State Digital: “.@johnnygweir’s key to social success: be real and honest with your fans. #SMWTeamUSA”






JW_SMW_02-2015_11 Via Blue State Digital: “.@taralipinski: ‘Social media gave us this popularity; it allows us to be ourselves. And we keep it up.’ #SMWTeamUSA”






JW_SMW_02-2015_12Via Ariel Sanchez: “@taralipinski + @JohnnyGWeir “we post things we love and that are AUTHENTIC to our lives” #SMWTeamUSA #SMWNYC”


Olympians, social media, and civic tech are some of our favorite things. #SMWTeamUSA #SMWNYC

A photo posted by Blue State Digital (@bsdwire) on


Social Media Week with @teamUSA and Olympians @taralipinski @johnnygweir #SMWTeamUSA

A photo posted by Tina McCarthy (@tina_too) on


Social Media Sports Panel @teamUSA #SMWTeamUSA @johnnygweir @taralipinski @taraandjohnny

A photo posted by Anastasia Pryanikova (@brainalchemist) on


Social Media Sports Panel @teamUSA #SMWTeamUSA @johnnygweir @taralipinski @taraandjohnny

A photo posted by Anastasia Pryanikova (@brainalchemist) on


Social Media Sports Panel @teamUSA #SMWTeamUSA @johnnygweir @taralipinski @taraandjohnny

A photo posted by Anastasia Pryanikova (@brainalchemist) on


JW_SMW_02-2015_17Via Nancy Brenner: “.@JohnnyGWeir scoops on #fashion, #pooches & #socmedia at #SMWNYC with @taralipinski”


JW_SMW_02-2015_16_e1Via Nancy Brenner: “.@sree @JohnnyGWeir says”China doesn’t mind if I post a pic in my underwear, Japan is more reserved” who’s strictest?” (Editorial note: LOL.)


Olympic skating champs Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski after great presentation at Social Media Week in New York #SMWNYC

A photo posted by Aidan Doyle (@aidandoyleinstagram) on


JW_SMW_02-2015_13Via Miguel Blancarte Jr: “Amazingness ensues at @smwnyc when I get 2 meet other @USOlympic members @taralipinski @JohnnyGWeir! #SMW #SMWTeamUSA”


JW_SMW_02-2015_14Via Christina Crisostomos: “I may never be an Olympic figure skater but at least I got to hang out with one for a bit! @JohnnyGWeir #SMWTeamUSA”


Amazing time tonight on our social media panel with @johnnygweir @taralipinski! #SMWNYC #SMWTeamUSA

A photo posted by Joey Maestas (@jmaestas) on

Joey Maestas also tweeted this photo with the caption: “Big thanks to @JohnnyGWeir and @taralipinski for joining our #SMWTeamUSA panel tonight! I should’ve dressed better.”

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