All the Gifs You Never Knew You Needed to Help You Remember to Vote for Johnny

So the kind people over at the Johnny Weir to Host SNL Tumblr have certainly been doing their part to get out the vote in the OUT 100 Most Eligible Bachelors poll, and it’s my pleasure to share their gif-tastic efforts here, all created from BGJW Season 2 moments and all of which totally crack me up.

I have no idea when this thing ends, but we have been rocking this vote in moving Johnny from 12th place after the first day up to 4th place as of yesterday, so let’s not stop now!

Captions by Johnny Weir to Host SNL.

UPDATE: The OUT Magazine poll has ended, with Johnny making the top four! Thank you for voting!


JW_gif_09_400“Are you voting for this lover? @JohnnyGWeir is in the top ten of Out Magazine’s 100 Most Eligible Bachelors. Let’s keep him climbing! One vote per browser and device a day!


JW_gif_01_400“Once you recover from that shimmy, go vote for Johnny as Out Magazine’s most eligible bachelor. One vote per browser & device per day. KEEP VOTING!”






JW_gif_06_400“Seriously, who on that list is better than this?! VOTE!




JW_gif_08A“Keep voting for Johnny!


JW_gif_03A“Oh hello, we’re no. 4 today… @JohnnyGWeir #MostEligible #MostRegal #OUTBachelor #JohnnyWeir


JW_gif_04A“Onward & upward, darlings @JohnnyGWeir #MostEligible #MostRegal #OUTBachelor #JohnnyWeir


Bonus gifs!

JudgeJohnny1Heyyyyyy! Vote for Johnny!


VRomanovHaven’t voted for Johnny today? Viacheslav is #NotImpressed…


JWe_fanTASticAll the way into the top four? Fantastic!


005bcc41_400(Random gifs because Johnny cracking up is always my fav.)








winkyjohnnyYes, it’s Johnny’s world, and we’re just living—and voting—in it. :D

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