Fabulous #FBF: Johnny in Vogue Nippon

So Fantasy on Ice has a Facebook page now (please go like it!), and this is their new cover photo:


Yay!! And that reminded me of all the previous Fantasy on Ice tours, which are usually in the summer with sometimes a couple of dates in September, and then that reminded me of the September when Johnny went to Japan to do a thing with Vogue Nippon and then I went digging around for pics and was thrilled to find that I had them in pleasingly large sizes and so here we are.

Absolutely amazing photo shoot. Please click for full-size images, and see more from Johnny’s Vogue Nippon experience here. Plus bonus related #FBF videos that I totally forgot about below!

Photos by Chito Yoshida for Vogue Nippon.


JW_Vogue_09-2010_01Enjoying dinner with a surprise guest.


JW_Vogue_09-2010_02AWith Shogo Kariyazaki, famous Japanese ikebana flower arrangement artist.


JW_Vogue_09-2010_04BFrom the “After Hours” portion of the shoot.


JW_Vogue_09-2010_04AAt Le Baron de Paris in Tokyo.


JW_Vogue_09-2010_03Shopping! At Sister in Tokyo.


Video link.


Video link.

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