‘March Media Madness’ Is a Thing and We Need to Vote in This Thing for Johnny and Tara

IDRK why it’s a thing. I didn’t even know it WAS a thing until an alert reader passed the voting link along. I only dimly understand what regular March Madness is, let alone variations, but whatever: the point is that as soon as I heard about it, I tweeted it out there and then voted, only to discover to my horror that Erin Andrews was actually winning this thing by 400+ votes.


However, in under four hours Friday evening, fans put Johnny and Tara in the lead, and as of this writing they’re now 600+ votes AHEAD of Andrews. As of course they should be, x 100,000,000.

UPDATE: We did it! Johnny and Tara will now advance to Round 3, but that round is not yet open for voting. Please keep an eye on the blog for the “VOTE NOW!” alert.

ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 04 22.28

Fortunately this is one of those free-spirited polls with unlimited voting, so you can vote a zillion times a day from every phone, tablet, PC, and browser you—and your children and extended family, and friends, and neighbors whose names you have yet to learn, and random people at Starbucks—can access simply by refreshing the voting page over and over (press “F5” on your keyboard to refresh if you’re voting from PC). In fact the organizers themselves encourage everyone to vote like Chicagoans, writing in their intro: “Vote early, vote often, vote on multiple devices.”

Voting in this round continues until March 4 at 10 pm (IDK what time zone), and if we’ve done our job, Johnny and Tara will move into the next round to face off against either “College FB Playoff” or “SEC Network”:


(IDEK. See larger complicated bracket thing here).

Voting in last year’s March Media Madness went on for a month, with the champion declared in early April. That’s a lot of vote-refresh-vote-refresh, but we’re pretty much experts by now.

So let’s do this thing! Whatever it is! Because Johnny should win ALL THE THINGS!

(Speaking of which, please keep voting for him in the OUT Magazine Most Eligible Bachelor poll also….)

UPDATE: The OUT Magazine poll has ended, with Johnny making the top four! Thank you for voting!

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