Gallery: Because It’s Monday…

…so obviously we need some picspam.

And since many of us have been living in essentially an ice rink throughout the recent six-month stretch quaintly known as “February” (the alley behind our house is seriously only fit for speed skaters at this point), we might as well just go with it and enjoy some photos of Johnny on the ice, which is pretty much the only way I like my ice other than covered in Coke Zero. Or whiskey.

This series is from Johnny’s rehearsal prior to the Friday show at Evening With Champions last fall in Boston (yes, I know. The backlog of photos here is beyond ridiculous. Please bear with me. Now that I’ve cleared out some bullshit from my life gotten all caught up on a few things, I actually have some time to edit a photo or two or two thousand, so please be prepared to be flooded with periodic bursts of Johnny pics. I’m sure you’ll find a way to deal with it somehow).

Anyway, after arriving in Boston, we were lucky enough to get only a little lost between our hotel and Harvard, and also between the Harvard parking lot and the rink, so we managed to photograph at least part of his practice. Here’s a brief sample, with more to come. In keeping with our shiny new blog space and its easy-breezy functionality, we’re going to try to have shorter picspam posts more often, so that nobody ends up in that devastating Purgatory of the Never-Ending Load Time.

Please click any photo for the full-size image. They were working with the spotlights during the rehearsal, so the lighting ranged randomly from near-total darkness to everything suddenly being brightly illuminated. I love all of these.































Bonus pics!
The skaters spent a lot of the rehearsal working on the opening group number, in which Johnny was paired with Kimmie Meissner. Who was trying really, really hard not to be distracted by everything he was doing to try to distract her…

JW_EWC_09-2014_NS6I1021_e1wmRepetition no. 3,467,895 of this particular sequence. Kimmie is all business….


JW_EWC_09-2014_NS6I1022-2_e3wm…and then they have to do this part while looking at each other…


JW_EWC_09-2014_NS6I1023-2_e2wm…and there’s a glint in his eye…




JW_EWC_09-2014_NS6I1024_e3wmc…but she is NOT having any of it….


JW_EWC_09-2014_NS6I1026A_e3wm…until he spins away from her and she totally cracks up.

Exclusive photos © David Ingogly.

REMINDER: Please keep voting for Johnny in the OUT Magazine 100 Most Eligible Bachelors poll, which is apparently still going, AND for Johnny & Tara in the March Media Madness competition!

UPDATE: The OUT Magazine poll has ended, with Johnny making the top four! Thank you for voting!

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