Here Are a Bunch of Pics of Johnny Sitting at a Table. You’re Welcome.

So among the enormous backlog of photos languishing in my computer gathering virtual dust was this beautiful series from Elena Vasileva of Johnny at the Snow King press conference, held after the show’s debut in Moscow back in early December. I ran a few of these then, but here at last are the rest of them.

Generally you might think a bunch of photos of some guy mostly sitting at a table would be less than enthralling, but this is Johnny, so naturally they’re mesmerizing. You can see that he’s beyond exhausted thanks to rehearsals, performing, and his constant companion Jet Lag, yet he’s also smiling, engaged in what’s happening, and funny. There’s a brief clip of him speaking Russian at the press conference (with translation—thank you, Elena!) at the end of the picspam.

Snow King producer Yana Rudkovskaya recently announced that the show’s world tour is indeed happening: the next show dates are in Sochi, Russia, May 1-5. Though Johnny will not be joining the cast in Sochi, Yana assured fans on her Instagram that he will be on the rest of the tour. Fingers crossed for some US dates!

Exclusive photos © Elena Vasileva. See all her gorgeous Snow King galleries here.


JW_EV_12-2014_DSC_1021-2_e1Even just preparing to take his seat, he’s lovely.








JW_EV_12-2014_DSC_1077You also can see that these were taken before Karina Grigoryants gave him a haircut.


JW_EV_12-2014_DSC_1091_e1With Tomáš Verner.


JW_EV_12-2014_DSC_1112_e1Eyes WIDE OPEN. “I will not fall asleep. I will not fall asleep.”


JW_EV_12-2014_DSC_1133_e2With Tomáš and Katarina Gerboldt.
















JW_EV_12-2014_DSC_1310_e1This may be during Irina Slutskaya’s remarks, in which she laughingly explained the challenges of having two singles skaters—herself as Gerda, and Johnny as Kai—perform together as a pair.
















JW_EV_12-2014_DSC_1516_e1On camera with TV channel Russia-2.




Press conference video! Johnny appears beginning at about 2:53. He says: “I think this [the show] is very good for the figure skating world because it is new and its level is crazy-high.”
Video link.

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