#FBF Picspam … and Flowers


Beautiful Johnny with beautiful flowers at the Evening With Champions VIP meet-n-greet after the Friday show.
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.



So Johnny tweeted this earlier in the week:


Which made me go look up Motoguo again, and then the “…and flowers” part reminded me that amongst the backlog of photos that we are currently plowing through, somewhere there was picspam of Johnny with gorgeous flowers from Evening With Champions. Which seemed like a perfect fit for an almost-spring Flashback Friday post.

The Friday meet-n-greet was less crowded and more casual than the Saturday one, and so Davey was able to capture some relaxed and funny moments. It was a wonderful evening, and we were especially thrilled to spend much of it with the lovely Machiko and her friend, Yuka Fujita, both of whom came all the way from Japan for the show.

Please click any photo for the full-size image. These are all large and lovely.


JW_09-2014_NS6I1175-2_e2Johnny with his roses—a gift from Machiko—and a tiny panda friend!


JW_09-2014_NS6I1178_e1wmGreeting the first of many fans….


JW_09-2014_NS6I1185_e1wm…and soon the bouquet has to be put carefully aside for lots of photos, handshakes, and conversation.










JW_09-2014_NS6I1214_e1wmMore meeting and greeting.


JW_09-2014_NS6I1216_e1wmChatting with Paul Wylie (at right), Megan Duhamel, and others.




JW_09-2014_NS6I1226-2_e1wmCatching the photographer’s eye…




JW_09-2014_NS6I1228_e1wm…several times…




JW_09-2014_NS6I1238_e1wmWith Emily Hughes.


JW_09-2014_NS6I1246_e1wmI made him laugh. :D


JW_09-2014_IMG_1248-2_e2wmWith beautiful Machiko!


JW_09-2014_NS6I1188_e4wmAnd with Johnny. And his flowers.

Exclusive photos © David Ingogly.

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