‘March Media Madness’ Round 3: Vote Again for Johnny & Tara!

Yes, ‘March Media Madness’ is still a thing. A thing that is inexplicably now in Round 3, which makes sense since last time we were in Round 2 except for the part where there was never a Round 1 that anyone could find. Part of me feels like this whole thing is a side project of the author of the IJS who has been trolling us all for years…

Anyway, Round 3 began yesterday and this time the Glitter Twins, who handily defeated ESPN’s Erin Andrews in the previous round, are up against: College Football Playoff (?), who submitted this cryptic mugshot:


Pro tip: Obviously NOTHING is better than Johnny’s sequined football hat.

I didn’t realize for two whole hours that voting had re-commenced, during which the numbers got skewed all funny in the wrong direction, but they quickly righted themselves once word began spreading to Johnny & Tara’s fans via Twitter and Facebook. Within an hour J&T were in the lead, and as of this writing they continue to pleasingly widen the gap:



As discussed previously, this poll allows unlimited voting, so you can vote a zillion times a day from every device and browser available to you simply by refreshing the voting page over and over (press “F5″ on your keyboard to refresh if you’re voting from PC).

Voting in Round 3 ends this Sunday, March 15, at 8 pm (still not suuuure what time zone), and if we do our job again, Johnny and Tara will advance to the “Sweet Sixteen” round to face off against either NBC soccer commentator Rebecca Lowe or Sports Illustrated senior editor Richard Deitsch:


On the off-chance that you need motivation to vote endlessly, please check out this Fan Art Friday gallery of Johnny & Tara adorableness!

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