Johnny and Tara Win Another Round in ‘March Media Madness’!

JW_MediaDay_01-30-2015_04Dream Team screencap from their awesome Super Bowl XLIX Media Day vid.



Congratulations to our beloved Glitter Twins, who easily trounced their latest March Media Madness opponent over the weekend! Final standings when the polls closed last night:


In the next round of voting for their region (which will not begin until the other regions have finished their Round 3 voting), J&T will now face NBC soccer commentator Rebecca Lowe:


And the winner of that matchup will advance to the Elite 8 against either Scott Van Pelt—who surprisingly defeated John Oliver Takedowns last night—or Left Shark from the Super Bowl. IDEK.

Please keep checking back here for the alert as soon as the Francesa region polls open again. Thank you all for voting!

Tara and Johnny: a force to be reckoned with since the very early days in Sochi…

Good news from a dear friend…. @williegeist #taraandjohnny

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  1 comment for “Johnny and Tara Win Another Round in ‘March Media Madness’!

  1. Glittergoth
    March 16, 2015 at 8:53 am

    I only have two questions:
    Who is Rebecca Lowe?
    Does it matter?

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