Game On: Vote for Johnny and Tara in ‘March Media Madness’ Sweet Sixteen!

JW_TL_01-2015_01Glitter Twins screencap from this adorable video.



There’s been a surge of voting for Rebecca Lowe. Current standings as of Thursday, March 19, 1:05 pm CDT:


Please vote vote vote for Johnny and Tara as often as possible! 

PRO TIP: You don’t have to refresh the page to keep voting. Simply click or tap, “Return to Poll,” and you can vote again immediately! 


So I was sitting around forever waiting for the next round of March Media Madness voting to begin after Johnny and Tara’s latest easy win over whomever, and so finally last night I idly wandered over to The Big Lead’s site to see how much longer it would take the other regions to finish up and discovered to my horror that voting had actually begun TEN HOURS PREVIOUSLY and these were the current standings:




So fans immediately sprang into action:


And thus….


…we arrived at these vote totals:



But we can’t stop here! Voting continues through “Sunday evening,” according to the cryptic instructions from The Big Lead, so we need to keep voting to maintain J&T’s position as an unstoppable force of glamor, smarts, and lolarious fun. To that end, please enjoy these motivational videos from the Dynamic Duo to help keep you in that endless vote-refresh-vote groove:


Killing it.
Video link.


I love this: actual J&T commentary paired with hockey action. And I love that the hockey world loves them too.
Video link.


And in honor of Wayback Wednesday: this wonderful clip from their Worlds commentary five years ago….
Video link.

REMINDER: Please join in on our new fan project: a housewarming gift for Johnny and Тёма! PayPal to Deadline for contributions is Monday, April 6, 11 pm ET. More details here!

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