Game of Brackets: March Media Madness Mega-Battle



So things have suddenly gotten very intense over at The Big Lead’s March Media Madness Sweet Sixteen round, with voters for Johnny and Tara’s latest opponent, fellow NBC commentator Rebecca Lowe, mounting a serious voting surge yesterday that in turn provoked an intense effort from Johnny and Tara fans in response.

The ongoing battle left some fans locked out of voting at times for casting too many votes in a poll that is built on being able to vote as often as you want, which seemed a bit of a headscratcher. It also prompted this amusing exchange in the comments section between a random commenter and Michael Shamburger, one of the poll’s authors and moderators (h/t to Nicola Oberlin-Brown for the alert):

TBL_03-20-2015_01CThis pleases me.


At one point Tara and Johnny’s lead had dwindled to just 53% over Lowe’s 47%. But with international fans leading the way in overnight voting (bless you all!), here are the current vote totals as of 6 am CDT:


UPDATE!! We interrupt this recap to bring you the vote tally as of 3:30 pm CDT today:


And also this, from poll co-author Ty Duffy a few hours ago. LOL.

Voting in this round continues until “Sunday evening,” according to Shamburger and Duffy. The Lowe voters are not about to give up, so please keep voting all weekend for our beloved Glitter Twins as often as possible from every device and browser available to you and absolutely everyone you’ve ever met. If we get the job done, Johnny and Tara will advance to the Elite Eight: one bracket closer to their dream!

Quotes adapted from this awesome Game of Thrones site. Johnny and Tara screencaps from this video.

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