Shit Just Got Real: Johnny and Tara Advance to Elite Eight

JW_TL_bts_001_e3Johnny and Tara came into March Media Madness as beautiful underdogs…


UPDATE!! Elite Eight voting has begun!

Please VOTE VOTE VOTE for Johnny and Tara!

And please share the voting link everywhere:


Yay we did it!! After some tense moments last week, during which Rebecca Lowe voters managed to considerably narrow the gap between the soccer commentator and her figure-skating counterparts at NBC Sports, Johnny and Tara fans rallied Thursday night to build a comfortable lead that kept growing until polling closed last night.

Final vote totals for this round (big numbers largely thanks to international fans!):



The sheer number of votes for Johnny and Tara continued to baffle one commenter, but were no surprise to poll co-creator and moderator Michael Shamburger (see last two comments below):



Next up: the Glitter Twins face off against hugely popular ESPN SportsCenter anchor Scott Van Pelt in the Elite Eight round. With more than 800K Twitter followers, Van Pelt will be their—and our—toughest challenge yet…

Voting is expected to start today, so please keep an eye out here and on Twitter for the bat signal / new voting link!


JW_TL_bts_01_e3…and they’ve walked away from each bracket with resounding victories. Let’s do it again this round!

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  1 comment for “Shit Just Got Real: Johnny and Tara Advance to Elite Eight

  1. March 23, 2015 at 7:37 am

    You know I don’t know what this is for. It may be an affectation of the creators. But, like you Binky, I went to the site and saw Rebecca Lowe ahead. I said to myself, “How is this possible?” I called out the Johnny’s Jaguars to vote like all of Johnny’s fans did with their friends who are Johnny admirers and the vote count started to soar.

    Of course they won and it proves a point. Johnny and Tara have a slew of fans! Nothing is a given, but viewing the other contests where the final vote count combined for all the matchups were less than Rebecca Lowe’s final comt, I think Johnny and Tara are going to win. But we are taking nothing for granted. Just like that evening when I browsed the site and found them behind, we’ll have to just as diligent. Congrats TaraandJohnny!

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