Weir Gear Redux: Johnny Launches All-New Wardrobe Sale on eBay


UPDATE!! Johnny’s sale is now LIVE on Linda’s Stuff! Bid now before the sale ends!


Use this link to see all his items:!

Fans may remember that Johnny previously placed a number of items from his amazing wardrobe up for auction with the eBay store Linda’s Stuff several years ago. As he prepares for his move to new digs in New Jersey, he’s teamed up with Linda again to present an all-new collection of more than 170 items for sale—not for auction, so no bidding wars this time! (UPDATE: Well, actually, despite what the NY Post reported in its article—”shoppers can buy without bidding”—the sale appears to be a standard bidding auction. Best of luck to all bidders!)

The NY Post announced the sale early this morning in an article featuring photos of some of the pieces, accompanied by commentary from Johnny. He notes that the sale was prompted by his realization that fashion expectations are now so high for his every appearance that he can’t risk “being judged” for wearing something more than once. One example: these distinctive Rick Owens boots, up for sale because, Johnny explains: “I love Rick Owens and his wedges and thought these were so special and unique, but they are so strong that once I was photographed in them, I stopped wearing them!”




And as soon as I saw this photo, I thought: “I KNOW these boots! When was he photographed in them…?” Fortunately Jenn Kittler came to my rescue and reminded me that these are what he wore for Eric Alt’s utterly, fantastically indescribable Carnivale: A Fashion Fantasy back in October 2011:

JW_Carnivale_NYMag_10-2011_900ANot suuuuure the boots are really the main focus here … but they are certainly awesome. Via NY Mag.


Which of course means we must now stop everything and indulge in the charming insanity that is the Carnivale video starring Johnny and Eric. Because any excuse to watch this thing again. Any excuse at all. And once you’re done, please be sure to check out Johnny’s fabulous sale at Linda’s Stuff beginning TONIGHT at 9 pm!


Still one of the best things ever. Seriously, how does this not have a zillion views?
Video link.

Bonus pics! The boots aren’t quite as noticeable in these but that’s not really a problem….

JW_Carnivale_10-2011_Yoni3Via’s writeup: “Olympic athlete Johnny Weir … hit the makeshift basement runway in nothing more than leggings and an embellished Native American inspired codpiece.” For which we were all truly appreciative. 


JW_Carnivale_10-2011_Yoni4And still are.

More bonus pics!


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