Exclusive Video! Johnny’s ‘The Haunting Of…’ Episode

JW_THO_04-2015_05AJohnny explains the background of his story during the interview portion of his Haunting Of episode.


OK, that was amazing. And not just because it was heavenly to have an entire hour of mostly just Johnny on my TV (which reminded me all over again why we all loved Be Good Johnny Weir so much…). But the episode itself—particularly Johnny’s interaction with medium Kim Russo, and his always-unsparing honesty and self-awareness—was riveting from start to finish, and unexpectedly quite poignant.

One of the most moving segments occurred when Kim revealed that both his grandfathers are always watching out for him, and that they were with him right then, during this experience. Johnny’s reaction to her knowledge of private family information and to the presence of his grandfathers is seen in these screencaps:







Later, as Kim delves deeper into uncovering the mystery surrounding the building that has haunted him, she explains that at the center of the mystery is a man from the Civil War era, whom she identifies as “Tom the postman,” and who “has two faces”—who seems nice at first, but then gradually a shady and violent side to his nature is exposed. The segment was filmed last November, as Johnny was still in the midst of a difficult divorce, and he recognizes immediately that this is a parallel to his current situation.

JW_THO_04-2015_04Johnny reveals: “I’m going through a personal experience with a man with two faces.”


The entire episode is quite well done and evoked an extremely positive response on social media, including his Facebook page. On Twitter, people connected immediately with Johnny’s opennness and genuineness:

















Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, it’s a worthwhile hour of television that is made all the more watchable because of Johnny’s personality and wonderful on-camera charisma.

If you missed the episode, you have several options for viewing. The full episode is available on LMN’s website here, but does come with some lengthy commerical breaks. Or use this link, which is happily commercial-free but may be geoblocked.

Or just enjoy the full episode exclusively here, thanks to our beloved video ninja:

Video link.

For historical information on Tom, who was, in fact, a real person and definitely a man of two faces, see this link. For more on the location and history of the building, go here.

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