Johnny Scheduled to Present at The Shorty Awards! With Bonus Livestream

johnny weir live 030310Random Johnny photo via WENN from March 2010 that has nothing whatsoever to do with this story but the photo is huuuuuge and this pleases me. Do click to see it in all its full-size glory.

Kayso The Shorty Awards are a thing, and they’ve actually been a thing for like seven years, and once upon a time three years ago Johnny was nominated for a Shorty as Best Athlete on social media. And this year he’s going to be presenting at the awards ceremony, which is next Monday, April 20, at the TimesCenter in NYC, and there’s a livestream so yay we can all see him! (UPDATE: red carpet livestream begins at 5:30 pm ET; awards show begins at 7:30 pm ET.)

Apparently you have to sign up to get the link to the livestream, so please go here and click on “Sign Up to Watch the Livestream” to do just that. While you’re there, please enjoy their website, which has some great photos and hilarious quotes from past Shorty winners, including Will Ferrell, George Takei, and Ricky Gervais. So this is kind of a big deal, and I’m thrilled to see Johnny be a part of it. Can’t wait to watch him on the livestream!


Johnny’s segment run from his introduction at about 10:52 to his exit at about 20:10.


And please enjoy the Shorty Awards’ blog post announcing Johnny as one of the presenters:

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