Once Upon a Time, Johnny Had a Vine Account…

…which he used for about five minutes in 2013 until Instagram debuted its video feature. Here’s a look back at some of his best Vine moments, which is pretty much all of them.

His very first Vine was an instant hit and was picked up immediately by both USA Today and SB Nation:









This Vine from Artistry on Ice 2013 has inexplicably been making the rounds on Twitter again in recent weeks, which is what reminded me of the whole Vine thing:


#sparklecrotch FTW:




With bonus Stéphane:




I looooove this one:



That same day, he posted another version on Instagram—one of his first Insta videos:

Ice skating practice. "Come slide with me…" #SwanLake

A video posted by JOHNNY WEIR (@johnnygweir) on


And a few weeks later he shared his very last Vine, from Sun Valley 2013. #hairspray #diva #perfect

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