Exclusive Video! Worlds 2015 Commentary, Parts 3 to 5: Men and Pairs

JW_Worlds2_02In their final commentary appearance of the 2014-2015 season, the Glitter Twins set the stage for the men’s World Championship battle.


JW_Worlds2_01Uncle Terry et al. Also: Johnny’s SHOES.


Very special thanks to our beloved video ninja Jenn Kittler, as always, for these videos!


Worlds 2015, Part 3.
Video link.


Worlds 2015, Part 4.
Video link.


Worlds 2015, Part 5.
Video link.


JW_Worlds2_03Can’t wait to see these two again…


See ya later skating season @taralipinski @johnnygweir

A video posted by TARA & JOHNNY (@taraandjohnny) on

…Saturday, May 2, at the Derby!

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