Meanwhile, in Makuhari…

…candid shots abound as the Fantasy on Ice cast prepares to kick off the tour tomorrow. Here’s a quick roundup.


UPDATE! New photo from dress rehearsal, via the Fantasy on Ice Facebook page. Please click for full-size view!



First, a few extras from Johnny’s arrival at NRT on Tuesday.


150526 Johnny💖 in NRT✈ So cute😍 #成田空港 #naritainternationalairport #johnnygweir

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Love @johnnygweir

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A peek at the FaOI tour booklet.

#fantasyonice #fantasyonice15 #foi15 #yuzuruhanyu #johnnyweir #figureskating ❤️👏

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И Снова вместе))) и снова в Токио)))fantasyOnIce#2015#

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Beautiful flowers for Johnny from Junko Mi!

Arigato Junko-san for the beautiful fresh flowers!

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And from the Japanese Angels!


More views of the Angels’ flowers.

JW_05-27-2015_JJA_02Via the Japanese Angels.


JW_05-27-2015_JJA_01Via the Japanese Angels.


Ayumi’s whimsical take on Johnny’s Instagram.

別あんぐる: from a different angle.

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Rehearsals! Oda-kun, Akiko-chan and Yuzu-kun!

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With the most beautiful @johnnygweir 😍😚😚

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From Kenji Miyamoto’s blog: Johnny and Javi.



And Johnny, Kenji, and Javi.


Programming note: According to this tweet, apparently Saturday’s FaOI performance in Makuhari will be broadcast live on Japanese TV (with some tape-delayed portions) this Saturday, May 30, from 4 to 7 pm local time (3 am to 6 am on the East Coast). Here’s hoping for video!

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