Fantasy on Ice: First Look

UPDATE!! Scroll down for VIDEO from the Saturday broadcast at the end of this post! Plus: HD video of his programs available here!

JW_FaOI_JM_05-29-2015_05ABeautiful Johnny after the first Fantasy on Ice show in Makuhari, wearing the gorgeous rose crown always given to him by the lovely Machiko. Via dear Junko Mi.

As with nearly all shows in Japan, audience members are forbidden from taking photos and videos during Fantasy on Ice. However, Saturday’s show will be aired on Japanese TV beginning at 4 pm local time (3 am on the US East Coast), so there may be hope of video from that broadcast (fingers crossed! Please check back here for updates!).

According to fans in attendance, Johnny performed Carmen during the first half of the show and Creep during the second half. His Carmen program was described as “very sexy,” and the black costume as sexy and “mysteriously beautiful,” with a skirt, silver accents on his shoulders, sheer black covering his arms, and a sheer black deep V exposing his back. One fan noted:



Creep also was very well-received, with fans praising the emotion of his performance and calling the program “perfect.” For Creep he wore a black tank and leggings, and a flowing black skirt as seen in his practice vids.



While we wait for more from the weekend performances, here’s a quick roundup of photos from before and after last night’s tour debut.

We begin in the lobby of the arena, where there was a large display of photos and handwritten messages of support for Japan from the show’s stars, in remembrance of the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

JW_IG_05-29-2015_01Via @delphinium_saku.


Johnny’s photo and message:

JW_IG_05-29-2015_02Via @miru_shenka.


JW_IG_05-29-2015_03BVia @miru_shenka.


Gift collection boxes for the skaters!



With gorgeous Johnny. #backstage #fantasyonice #foi15 @johnnygweir #johnnyweir #foi15 #makuhari #japan

A photo posted by Maria Sergejeva™ (@mariasergejeva) on


Kai and the Snow King reunited!

Look who I found…King @plushenkoofficial

A photo posted by JOHNNY WEIR (@johnnygweir) on



JW_JPYahoo_05-29-2015_06AVia Yahoo Sports Japan.


Most of these were posted on Twitter/Instagram by Junko, who tweeted that because she could not take photos during the show, she wanted to give fans the gift of Johnny’s smile as much as possible.


JW_FaOI_JM_05-29-2015_02AVia Junko.


JW_FaOI_JM_05-29-2015_01BVia Junko.


JW_IG_05-29-2015_01Via Junko.


With gorgeous flowers from Junko!

JW_IG_05-29-2015_02Via Junko.



A photo posted by @meisha_tw on


JW_IG_05-29-2015_03Via Junko.


And one more, tweeted by Johnny: “Dressing up as @funassyi after the show! Thank you M-san for my beautiful rose crown! Thank you for cheering today!”



From the live broadcast of the second show in Makuhari on Saturday!

Opening group number, first half of the show. Johnny’s intro begins at about 1:56.
Video link.


Video link.


Opening group number, second half.
Video link.


Video link.


Finale. Johnny appears beginning at about 2:27.
Video link.


Saturday backstage pic!


I love this screencap…

モノトーンにしてみました😍 #johnnyweir #faoi #makuhari #creep

A photo posted by @takako.isk on


…and this beautiful snippet from Creep.

Creep #johnnyweir #creep #faoi #makuhari

A video posted by @takako.isk on


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