‘It is so ordered’

For all who worked for this moment, in any way they could, to move this country slowly (often achingly, unbearably so) but steadily toward a victory hoped-for but sometimes seeming so out of reach;

for those who did not live to see this day but now rejoice in heaven—especially my dear friend Annie, who gave me my first equality pin along with tremendous love and joy and wisdom;

and especially for Johnny, whose dazzling light first pierced the darkness of hate cloaked as fundamentalist Christianity from which I struggled to be free, and brilliantly illuminated what my children and my heart had known all along: that LGBTQ people are just exactly that — people.

This may be one of the most beautiful things I will ever read in my lifetime:

It_is_so_ordered_06-26-2015_02AClosing paragraph, page 28, of the US Supreme Court decision declaring marriage equality the law of the land in all fifty states, June 26, 2015. By Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the majority.



Love is love. And love always wins.



JWe_AM_exp_IMG_1986_e5God gave me life, He gave me breath, and made me gay. — Johnny Weir

Photo © David Ingogly.

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