Fantasy on Ice: Kanazawa Scrapbook

By which I mean literally scraps, gleaned from every corner of the Internet (i.e. mostly Instagram) and cobbled together here. Since photography and videography are not allowed at Fantasy on Ice, and the Kanazawa shows were not televised, here’s everything you’ve probably already seen, now in convenient digest form.

Programming note: The final Fantasy on Ice stop for Johnny is Kobe, with three shows this weekend. One of those performances is scheduled to be televised, but not until Saturday, July 11, 1 pm local time (Friday, July 10, 12 midnight ET). Desperately hoping there will be video forthcoming from the broadcast! Meanwhile, Johnny will travel directly from Kobe to Taiwan to begin the Artistry on Ice tour July 8, so prepare ye now for the coming Weibogeddon


Kind of in the order in which it happened-ish. . .


My beautiful co-workers! @slambiel @t.verner Brian Joubert and @javierfernandezskater

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I am so spoiled! Thank you @jpjweangels for an amazing bouquet! I love you❤️

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Closeup of his gorgeous flowers via the Japanese Angels.



Flowers, flowers, flowers! Thank you! Can't wait for the show tonight in Kanazawa!

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Via Facebook: Johnny and Tomáš at rehearsal.



Via Oda Nobunari’s blog: backstage getting ready.



Via @yuzuna_sk8: the cover of the program for Kanazawa.



And a peek at the Johnny section!


UPDATE: Another peek (via Twitter, but not sure where exactly I saw this…)



Via Eric Radford: “First show over! Thank you to the amazing audience here in Kanazawa! #FOI2015 #Japan #Boysclub”



Photo courtesy of Machiko.



Photo courtesy of Machiko.



Photo courtesy of Machiko.



UPDATE! Via Junko Mi.




Having a great time with my boys! Next and last stop for Fantasy on Ice 2015, KOBE!!!!

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Моя команда "Снежного Короля " в Японии #japan

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Photo courtesy of Machiko.



Photo courtesy of Machiko.




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Via @YUZUGOLD215: Johnny in a Japanese newspaper!






I love this.

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And this. Including Nastya’s caption and comments.

@johnnygweir #bestpeople #Johnnyweir #figureskating #amazing #yuzuruhanyu

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And of course especially this, which is amazing…

First day of throw triple axel practice with my gem of a partner @andrey_molla. So close! Courtesy @t.verner

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…but comes at a price.


Brief Kanazawa rehearsal clip with the tiniest glimpse of Johnny at about 00:26.
Video link.


Post-show shenanigans . . .


Awesome last day before my flight back to Canada😍

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#selfie 🌈✌️#johnnyweir #ericradford #jeffreybuttle #FantasyOnIce2015 #FOI15 #kanazawa #japanesegarden

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Добрый Джоник !

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. . . and the “We Love Johnny” fan series.


We love #johnnygweir 💕💖💕

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We love Johnny!!

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#WeLoveJohny チェブラーシカ

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Please join in on our heartfelt mission to send love and best wishes to Johnny for his July 2 birthday (it’s free to participate! No PayPal required)! There’s still time: birthday mail will be forwarded to Johnny in mid-July after he returns from his Asian tours. Details here, along with a stunning exclusive photo and exclusive HD rehearsal video that you’ll want to watch over and over. . .

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