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JW_JM_07-01-2015_09AUPDATED photo! Beautiful Johnny in Japan. Via dear Junko Mi. More new pics below!

So technically it’s already Johnny’s birthday in Japan, where he currently is, and in other parts of the world, so let’s celebrate by leading up to his birthday in the US with this wonderful mix of Johnny fabulosity. BTW there’s still time to send him a birthday card or gift if you wish! Details at the end of this post.


We’ll start with this lovely tribute from his NBC partner-in-crime:



Yes, we’ve all seen this already, but let’s just roll around in it again, shall we? Because Johnny + kids = deliciously unbearable cuteness overload, which is the only kind of math I want in my life.

Had the best time making new friends today! 新しい友達!

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Johnny announced on Monday his new costume collaboration with Rochie Co., Ltd., a production company with its own atelier in Japan. Together they create custom, made-to-order costumes designed by Johnny, who unveiled their first completed project via Twitter and Instagram:


The venture has its own website and blog, where additional photos of the gorgeous costume and designer were posted:



Detailed look at the front of the costume…



…and the back.


Congratulations to Johnny on this exciting new partnership! For more information or to place an order, please visit Johnny Weir x Rochie.


I love Tomáš.

Running to Kobe with my favorite Czech, @t.verner

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JW_JM_07-01-2015_01AVia Junko Mi.


With Nikita Mikhailov.

JW_JM_07-01-2015_02AVia Junko Mi.


And now they’re joined by Alex Jakushin.

JW_JM_07-01-2015_03AVia Junko Mi.


JW_JM_07-01-2015_04BVia Junko Mi.


Did I mention that I love Tomáš?

We use every minute to improve. Literature moment on the way to Kobe.

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Celebrating Adelina Sotnikova’s birthday!

Happy birthday Adelina!!! #adelinasotnikova

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UPDATE! More from the amazing Junko Mi:

JW_JM_07-01-2015_06AVia Junko.


JW_JM_07-01-2015_07A-1Via Junko.


JW_JM_07-01-2015_08AVia Junko.


JW_JM_07-01-2015_05AAnd one more via Junko, who writes: “You will be beautiful forever.”



Since we first covered this event, two additional Johnny interviews have popped up. First, from The Cut’s writeup and slideshow: brief interview and appropriately huge photo.

What do you think a good party smells like?

Johnny Weir: A good party smells like Sancerre and maybe a little Russian music, and just clean sweat. A man never smells better than when he has just like a clean sheen of manly scent.



And from the rather snarky New York Times piece, in which Johnny appears to be one of very few things the reporter liked about the evening:

[After her interview with Victoria’s Secret’s Behati Prinsloo was cut short]: On to a friendlier subject. Johnny Weir, the asymmetrically coifed Olympic figure skater, dressed in a rubber-topped white ensemble by Moto Guo, a Malaysian designer: froth in a sea of little black dresses. “You know why that is?” he said of the generally conservative attire. “It’s Wednesday night.”

But to Mr. Weir it felt like the splashiest of Saturdays. “I’ve been a fan of fragrance since I was little,” he said. “My first cologne was Obsession by Calvin Klein. When I was 13, I was obsessed with it.”

Though he was a “face” of MAC Cosmetics, Mr. Weir does not yet have a ’fume of his own. “I would be a disaster in those meetings,” he said. “I would just say: ‘I want something powdery!’ ”

When pressed, he suggested: “It would be unisex, it would be clean, with just a hint of a clean man’s scent.” What about a name? “Probably Ice.” [I love this. Please make this happen.]

JW_FF_NYTimes_06-24-2015_01Via the New York Times: Johnny with MAC creative director James Gager.


Beautiful portrait of Johnny attending The Blonds, NYFW September 2011, by photographer Erina Uemura and posted earlier this week on her Instagram.



In a horrifying fascinating new article from The New Yorker, “X-Games on Ice,” Johnny offers his take on the question: “Are X Games-style competitions the future of figure skating?” [Spoiler alert: um, no. They’re not.]

Some excerpts, by which I mean, mostly here are his really excellent quotes:

The Freezer Aerial Figure Skating Challenge premières tonight, at the Broadmoor Open in Colorado Springs, U.S. Figure Skating’s home turf. There will be no spins, no footwork, and no choreography set to songs from “My Fair Lady.” Instead, skaters will perform jumping passes one after the other, trying to impress judges and rack up points. [LOLWUT.] [To see how this thing played out last weekend, please see these writeups from the Colorado Springs Gazette and IceNetwork, the second of which is very very long and very very detailed beyond my capacity to be interested. For lots and lots of Freezer Aerial videos of lots and lots of… jumping, please visit International Figure Skating Magazine’s Facebook page.]

Freezer Aerial is the brainchild of two skating coaches, Tom Zakrajsek and Audrey Weisiger. … The Freezer Aerial Figure Skating Challenge offers an attractive alternative [to traditional figure skating], high on muscle and low on chiffon. Stripped of its artistic components, the premise goes, figure skating might reclaim its athletic credibility. [I beg your pardon?] This angle is the primary reason that the United States Figure Skating Association has sanctioned the event. [Wait, WHAT??]

Johnny Weir, the former U.S. champion, current NBC commentator, and perpetual personality, noted, “The sparkle of rhinestones sometimes does distract men, especially our male audience, from seeing what’s actually going on on the ice, which is young people at their height of physical prowess doing something that very few people can do, in the most high-pressure and high-profile level.”

The gendered perception of the sport only amplifies [recent] ratings problems.

“Evan Lysacek was the Olympic champion in Vancouver for the United States. Meryl Davis and Charlie White won the Olympics in ice dancing for the United States in Sochi,” Weir said. “But we haven’t had a great ladies’ champion, and I think, in the United States, figure skating is still viewed very much as a ladies’ sport, so if there are no American ladies winning, perhaps that’s why American audiences aren’t tuning in.”

[I]f Zakrajsek and Weisiger have their way, [Freezer Aerial] will one day be added to the pool of officially recognized national and international events. [No, thank you.]

I think competitions like this are very interesting. I don’t see them as a legitimate possible Olympic element, simply because they aren’t all-encompassing,” [Weir] said. “They are not figure skating. Figure skating is about two performances being judged by a panel of judges, and it’s about the over-all impression and the over-all ability. To skate up and down the ice and do one jump isn’t as difficult or, in my opinion, as Olympic-worthy as completing a flawless four-minute free program.”

Weir and Lipinski believe that, more than I.S.U. policy decisions, the skaters themselves will guide the future of the sport.

“People just need to be themselves and be honest, and the personalities will shine through, and people will find someone to root for,” Weir said. “In the age of reality television, Twitter, people’s botched bikini waxes going up on the Internet, people need to be real. People don’t want a beautiful ice princess in a glass box anymore.”

Exactly. But they’ll always want skaters who are themselves and honest and real, as he said, and who create stunning art on the ice….


Video link.

In the words of the legendary Dick Button: “Young skaters of the world, take note: it’s not only about triple jumps. There was SKATING in this program.”


Please join in on our heartfelt mission to send love and best wishes to Johnny for his July 2 birthday (it’s free to participate! No PayPal required)! There’s still time: birthday mail will be forwarded to Johnny in mid-July after he returns from his Asian tours. Details here, along with a stunning exclusive photo and exclusive HD rehearsal video that you’ll want to watch over and over. . .

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    July 1, 2015 at 6:08 pm

    Happy Birthday To our Angel Johnny , The king of Skating , King of Personality , King of all hearts and passion on ice and You will always be ,you are The Best ,we Love and respect everything you’re doing for us your fans, may God Keep you Healthy,Happy and safe Always and For Ever…

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