A Hero’s Welcome for a Hometown Olympian—and His Bobblehead

UPDATE! Scroll down for NEW video of Johnny’s pitch as seen from behind home plate!


JW_LB_07-31-2015_20BJohnny on the pitcher’s mound for the Lancaster Barnstormers in his hometown area of Lancaster, PA, preparing to throw out the first pitch at the July 31 game. The night also featured a “Johnny Weir Bobblehead Giveaway” to the first 1,000 fans. Via @lec2419 on Instagram.

So Johnny made his baseball debut on Friday, as did the very first official Johnny Weir Bobblehead, both of which turned out to be made of awesome. We begin with these teasers from the Barnstormers leading up to the big event (more preview coverage here):

JW_LB_07-31-2015_10Via @gobarnstormers: “Great meeting with figure skater, Johnny Weir today!”


Video link.


Video link.


Which started off right with coffee, of course.

JW_IG_07-31-2015_02AVia @dailygrindqville: “Guess who stopped by at the Daily Grind @johnnygweir #dailygrindquarryville #localcelebrity #johnnygweir”


JW_LB_07-31-2015_19AVia @Ballgirl78: “The one perk of being the only team seamstress in the AL. Meeting@JohnnyGWeir”

At 6 pm, Clipper Magazine Stadium’s gates opened to the public.

By 6:08 pm, according to on-site reports, all 1,000 Johnny Weir Bobbleheads had been snapped up by fans, some of whom immediately tweeted and Instagrammed their delight:

JW_LB_07-31-2015_01Via @3707ops: “Got my bobble head! @gobarnstormers @JohnnyGWeir !!”


JW_LB_07-31-2015_02Via @RinaMahoney: “Life. Made. @JohnnyGWeir @gobarnstormers”


JW_LB_07-31-2015_11Via @JRieker300.


JW_LB_07-31-2015_22Via @anny_11_.


JW_LB_07-31-2015_13AVia @vittopowr: “@JohnnyGWeir @gobarnstormers #americandream”


JW_LB_07-31-2015_08Via @aviatrix320: “Johnny Weir’s bobblehead is fab. u. lous.”


Johnny takes the field with his pitching coach Pete Andrelczyk and Barnstormer mascot Cylo.

JW_LB_07-31-2015_23AVia @anny_11_.


On the pitcher’s mound.

JW_LB_07-31-2015_28AVia @aemenheiser2.


JW_LB_07-31-2015_03AVia @gobarnstormers: “Johnny breaks out a last minute dance move before throwing a strike!”


JW_LB_07-31-2015_03Via @JRieker300: “@JohnnyGWeir with the first pitch strike at the @gobarnstormers! Nicely done.”


And yes, we have video! From two different angles, with bonus roar of the crowd in appreciation of his skill in throwing right over the plate in the strike zone:

Tweeted by the Barnstormers here.
Video link.


From the CBS 21 News report after the game.
Video link.


And my fav footage: from IceNetwork, who threw in an awesome soundtrack.

Video links: here and here.


UPDATE: NEW HD VIDEO from yet another angle!

Video link.


. . . Johnny spent part of the evening with Salem, a beneficiary of the A Week Away foundation, which helps families who are coping with life-threatening illness.

JW_LB_07-31-2015_07Via @a_week_away.


. . . and much of the rest of his time obliging fans’ requests for autographs and selfies.

JW_LB_07-31-2015_09Via @pamaylad: “@johnnygweir so great to meet you @gobarnstormers ! You are fabulous!”


JW_LB_07-31-2015_06Via @Bree_Corkadel: “@JohnnyGWeir #IgnoreMyMessyHair #HisLooksBetter”


JW_LB_07-31-2015_05Via @Bree_Corkadel: “When you selfie with Johnny Weir @JohnnyGWeir”


JW_LB_07-31-2015_18Via @mariekojitani: “Top knots & cut offs. @johnnygweir @heather34578”


JW_LB_07-31-2015_12AVia @JRieker300: “Met @JohnnyGWeir tonight, such a nice guy! Lancaster County’s Olympian!”


JW_LB_07-31-2015_27AVia @skyegibbon: “Met one of my favorite people tonight!! 😭😀 #itotallyfangirledhim #yesiwasshaking #lovehim @johnnygweir”


JW_LB_07-31-2015_14Via @ash_mm.


JW_LB_07-31-2015_15Via @ash_mm.


JW_LB_07-31-2015_26Via Danielle Frechette: “Thank you for posing with me!!!!”


JW_LB_07-31-2015_21AVia @trickykid: “Fabulous. Johnny Weir”


JW_LB_07-31-2015_27Via @schwartzsa: “Just another awesome weekend in #Lancaster hanging out with Olympian #johnnyweir!”


One more post-game look at the Bobblehead . . .

JW_LB_07-31-2015_29Via @aemenheiser2.


. . . and from this morning:

JW_LB_07-31-2015_34AVia @jlkopfLNP: “The @JohnnyGWeir bobblehead is so magnificent, I shared my coffee at work with him. @Lanbarnstormers”



JW_LB_07-31-2015_35Via @danaribs: “Had the opportunity over the weekend to meet @johnnygweir! Such a great guy, so nice! One of my bucket list goals complete! #spiritunicorn #allthatglitters #johnnyweir #olympian”

Also at some point during the evening, this incomprehensible footage happened which IDEK but it’s in super-HD and it’s amazing. Apparently you’re supposed to say hi to Johnny and then get a dollar for doing so. While he’s running through the concourse at breakneck speed . . .

Originally posted to the Barnstormers Facebook page with this caption: “Raw ‪#‎GoPro‬ footage of ‪#‎JohnnyWeir‬ helping us do a skit on the concourse, live for our cameras! He is a seasoned pro, and so good with media! It was truly an honor to host him this evening!”
Video link.


Johnny also visited with the Barnstormers broadcasters during the game. Sadly the only record of this that we have thus far, besides @vittopowr’s tiny tweeted pics above, are these additional tiny pics from eBay, where yes, people began putting Bobbleheads up for bid the moment they got them, some of which sold the moment they were posted. Current available items are here.









And now for something completely different: random interview from Johnny’s 2011 book tour that just popped up on YouTube over the weekend!

Video link.


Yay!! For more on Johnny’s birthday and the fan project we did this year, please see this post.

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