Then and Now and Also Yesterday

UPDATES! Johnny will once again be among the celebrities featured in NBC’s New Year’s Eve special, A Toast to 2015. Scroll down for the preview video plus new video from the third and final episode of ‘Then and Now’!

JW_MZ_09-23-2015_03B_crop1AJohnny on the set of Then and Now with Andy Cohen. Via Mariola Zysk.

So back in September we had a flurry of activity involving Johnny filming something with Andy Cohen for Bravo TV, but we had little else to go on other than some cryptic Swedish fish. Then suddenly this past Sunday, Twitter came alive with people talking about Johnny’s appearance on Andy’s new three-part special: Then and Now with Andy Cohen. Mystery solved! And if you missed the show, don’t worry: there are two more episodes, and hopefully we’ll have all Johnny’s segments posted right here.

Then and Now explores three significant years in recent history: 1989, 1994, and 2000. The 1994 episode aired Sunday, and Bravo posted this clip that includes literally just ten seconds of Johnny. But yay we have this very low-quality video that covers all the Johnny moments here:

Video link.
Alternate link.


Also we have this gif:

JW_ThenAndNow_gif2Via World of Wonder.


The 1989 episode airs tomorrow, December 16, 10 pm ET on Bravo, and the 2000 episode airs the following Wednesday, December 23, 10 pm ET. The episodes also are being re-aired on Bravo at various times (check your local listings).

This post will be updated with more Then and Now video as it becomes available, so please check back often!

UPDATE! Then and Now: 1989

Johnny’s brief appearance from episode 2 of the series, in which he discusses 1980s shoulder pads and the Berlin Wall. [Editorial note: this show needs more Johnny.]
Video link.
Alternate link.

UPDATE! Then and Now: 2000

Johnny’s brief appearance from episode 3 of the series, in which he covers Sex and the City, Harry Potter, and Napster. [Editorial note: previous editorial note still stands. Seriously, an hour-long show should preferably be a minimum of 60 minutes of Johnny.]
Video link.
Alternate link.


JW_ThenAndNow_gif3Bonus episode 3 gif via World of Wonder: “Either way, @JohnnyGWeir is totally fabulous ✨ @Bravotv @Andy #ThenAndNow”

Meanwhile, yesterday Johnny and Tara recorded their commentary for the incredible Grand Prix Final that took place this past weekend in Barcelona, Spain, in which Yuzuru Hanyu cemented his place in figure skating history. NBC will air coverage of the GPF this Sunday, December 20, 4 pm ET, and this is one broadcast you most definitely do not want to miss. You can enjoy some of Johnny and Tara’s previous commentary leading up to Sunday on NBC Sports here (without spoilers from the Final, though I’m pretty sure we all know how it went down. My favorite moment, beyond the truly transcendent skating from the men, was this one).

Then apparently after they finished their commentary duties, the Glitter Twins attended the NBC Sports office holiday party, and hilarity ensued. As always. Please enjoy this brief picspam roundup which could only have been better if Uncle Terry had been there also.

We begin with Johnny’s gorgeous look of the day, which we will enjoy exploring in hi-def detail during Sunday’s Grand Prix Final broadcast:

JW_IG_12-14-2015_01Via Johnny: “Look of the Day: Jacket @thombrowneny Shirt @miharayasuhiro_official Bow @rochasoficial Pant Vintage Boot @fendi Hair @mariolazysk Face @dianemellina”


Then came this video, originally broadcast live on Periscope by NBC Olympics:

Tara Lipinski and The Official Johnny G. Weir preview the Grand Prix Final! Be sure to tune in Sunday at 4 ET! ‪#‎GPFBarcelona‬ by NBC Olympics


And then it was party time:

Office Party. ‘Nuff said. #nbcsportsgivesback @taralipinski @johnnygweir

A video posted by TARA & JOHNNY (@taraandjohnny) on


JW_NBCSp_12-14-2015_01AVia Sarah Ferro of NBC Sports: “Shout out to our troops with @JohnnyGWeir & @taralipinski #nbcsportsgivesback #nbcudiversity #nbcsports”


JW_NBCSp_12-14-2015_02AVia Rachel Lutz: “Thanks @taralipinski & @JohnnyGWeir @TaraandJohnny! #lifeatnbcu #nbcsportsgivesback with @juliafincher so cool!!”


JW_NBCSp_12-14-2015_03AVia Erin Gould: “#nbcsportsgivesback Thanks @JohnnyGWeir and @taralipinski”


JW_NBCSp_12-14-2015_09AVia DMCFiercy: “#nbcsportsgivesback Happy Holidays!”


JW_NBCSp_12-14-2015_08A1Via @asweetss: “#happyholidays #nbcsportsgivesback”


JW_NBCSp_12-14-2015_07Via @allisonashe: “Happy holidays! #nbcgivesback 🎄”


JW_NBCSp_12-14-2015_06Via @court311food: “Merry Christmas! Lol #johnnyweir #taralipinski#truecooks#figureskating#randomwork”


JW_NBCSp_12-14-2015_04Via @alexaainsworth: “Team Grand Prix 2015! #lovethem #thebest #plusterry ❤️”


JW_IG_12-14-2015_03Via Johnny: “Probably my favorite photo of us…ever. @taralipinski @toddkap @taraandjohnny #knocker”


JW_NBCSp_12-14-2015_05A1Via NBC Olympics: “@taralipinski and @johnnygweir join us in studio for the Grand Prix Finals! Be sure to tune in Sunday at 4 ET! #gpfbarcelona”

UPDATE: New ‘Toast to 2015’ Video!

Johnny appears at about 0:22.
Video link.


Please enjoy a loop of his moment via @TaraandJohnny’s Instagram:

Join us with @hodakotb and @kathyleegifford for NYE on @nbctv

A video posted by TARA & JOHNNY (@taraandjohnny) on


REMINDER: If you’d like to offer happy holiday wishes to Johnny (and Tëma!), please feel free to send cards and small gifts to him through his fan mail service. Details and gift suggestions on this post, along with tons of gorgeous picspam!

JW_Xmas_06Photo via Show Johnny Weir the Love on Facebook.

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  1 comment for “Then and Now and Also Yesterday

  1. Chris
    December 28, 2015 at 10:57 am

    As always, Thank You for collecting the pics and vids and sharing. I am sitting here today and the thought that keeps going through my head is “He is FEARLESS”. But I know that isn’t really accurate. He certainly is brave, fitting both descriptions for ” having courage” and “making a fine show” and continues to be an inspiration. I think his friendship with Evgeni Plushenko would make a great documentary or even a movie. There is a story there!

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