Snow King 2: Through the Eyes of the Audience

Johnny Weir (c) Anastasiya BochkarevaJohnny as Kai in Evgeni Plushenko’s Snow King 2. Via Anastasiya Bochkareva.

In addition to YouTube videos and the gorgeous exclusive photos of both practice and performance provided to us by Elena Vasileva in today’s Snow King 2 companion posts here and here, we also have the treasure trove that is Instagram through which to explore the gloriousness of this show, in cellphone snapshots and 15-second video increments. Thanks to thousands of social media users, for a few moments we can step into the audience’s world and see the magic of Johnny in Snow King 2 from all different vantage points in Megasport arena. Here is an amazing roundup of some of the best of Instagram.

Kai and the Snow King’s Carriage

by @svetapoln


h5>by @vikysd


by @valentina_v_efimova


by @gilly.malow


by @saetova_ella


by @andrianovmaxim


by @stella_lakonich


by @olgagrinyakina


by @aesenin


Kai. Кай. Photo E. Vasil’eva #снежныйкороль2 by @johnnygweir


Enchanted Kai at the Snow King’s Palace

Johnny Weir and Evgeni Plushenko #thesnowkingbyplushenko #figureskating #magic #снежныйкороль #Москва #plushenko #плющенко #снежныйкороль2 #snowking2 #december #johnnyweir by @svetapoln


by @mary.loskutova


by @mary.loskutova


by @valentina_v_efimova


by @anais167


by @aleksandr_rus24




One of the greatest pleasures in my career is getting to share the ice with this guy. Спасибо Женка. @plushenkoofficial by @johnnygweir


by @spacecroco


❄️Мы вас ждём в Мегаспорте! Сегодня, 14:00. @plushenkoofficial #снежныйкороль2 Фото Е.Васильева by @johnnygweir


Kai, Gerda, and the Finale

I’ve always been a sucker for a beautiful flower…🌹 @irina_sluslu #снежныйкороль2 Photo E. Vasil’eva by @johnnygweir


by @mary.loskutova


by @vikasell


❤️ by @volkovihome


by @borisova_natalii


by @lennchik


by @tanya_kapitova


by @olsemina


by @lnessal


by @eva_tepa_


by @nataliekochetkova


by @risha_kira


by @yahoochild


by @andreeva_polina




by @mary.loskutova


by @litvinova.kseniya


by @eugenia_danilova


h5>by @alyonkababy




h5>by @katarina_gerboldt


by @juliagch


😱🙈💪🏻💃🏼👑 Thank you @johnnygweir #JohnnyWeir #inRussia by @dasha_drozd123


by @iouliya


In 2006someone of fans made gift for Johnny. It was budenovka (cloth helmet of Red Army). when I chose a Christmas gift for him this time-I saw notebook with boy in a budenovka and ice skates on valenki. This cover- is Retro-style and a copy from Russian children ‘s magazine Murzilka #johnnyweir #friendswhoinspireme #figureskating by @ponarushka

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