Snow King 2: Finale, Fan Meeting, and Fond Farewells

Johnny Weir (c) Elena Vasileva Binky's Johnny Weir BlogBeautiful Johnny as Kai, poised beneath the Snow King’s carriage, in Evgeni Plushenko’s magical ‘Snow King 2.’ The show ended its run in Moscow with a final performance on January 7, Orthodox Christmas Day. Exclusive photo © Elena Vasileva.

And so, with 15 performances finished, we have come to the end of our glorious coverage of Johnny as Kai in Snow King 2. He survived getting kicked in the leg, hit in the nose, dropped and dragged on the ice, falling in the shower, and a technical malfunction that meant he and Plushenko suddenly had to improvise the crucial carriage scene without an actual carriage—and he did it all with a smile (except maybe the shower thing), never missing a beat, and with all the passion and artistry that make audiences fall in love with him all over again wherever he performs.

Below is a final roundup of pics and clips, plus backstage shots and wonderful exclusive photos of Johnny from the meeting with his beloved Russian fans on his last day in Moscow. Thank you, Johnny, for giving your heart and soul in every moment on the ice. Both those who saw your Kai in person and those of us who watched from afar will return again and again to relive Kai’s journey through the amazing photos and videos from this show.

Note: the Snow King’s brilliant producer, Yana Rudkovskaya, is already looking ahead to next winter with an announcement about a new Plushenko fairy-tale ice show based on The Nutcracker….!


Kai, Gerda, and the Snow King

by @svetapoln


by @ketti_m


Снежный король 2 ❄️❄️❄️ by @anastasia_grey_


#snowking 🎶 by @missariaa


Snow King vs Kai #thesnowkingbyplushenko #figureskating #снежныйкороль #Москва #Мегаспорт #фигурноекатание #плющенко #plushenko #johnnyweir #ЕвгенийПлющенко #снежныйкороль2 #snowking #snowking2 by @svetapoln


by @svetapoln


Johnny’s amazing four-jump combo!
Video link.

Enchanted Kai in the Snow King’s Palace

by @juliashe4ka__


by @asgutorova


by @juliashe4ka__


Finale and Cast Photos

by @juliashe4ka__


by @oliabaulina


by @d.e.n.i.z_z


by @naty_zotova


by @juliashe4ka__


by @naty_zotova


by @epifancheg


Curtain call. Johnny is introduced beginning at about 3:30.
Video link.


Финал!!!! #SnowKingFamily #самыекрутыеканикулы #снежныйкороль2 by @katenza1


Спасибо моей #teamsnowking , спасибо всем зрителям ! Вас было 115000 зрителей ! Я счастлив ! Спасибо всем моим друзьям за поддержку ! Спасибо всем создателям шоу ! Москва , Питер , увидимся в декабре 2016-январе 2017 на моем новом шоу ” Щелкунчик ” ! 💪🏻#thesnowkingbyplushenko #снежныйкороль2 #thesnowkingbyplushenko Ну все , я полетел в Японии , продолжать свой мировой тур ! 🇯🇵 by @plushenkoofficial



by @alexey_k_golubev


by @maria_vasilisa


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FAN MEETING (video below!)

After the final show on Orthodox Christmas Day, Johnny took time to meet with Russian fans briefly before getting ready to fly home today. He sat and chatted with them about the show and what’s coming up for him, and they also presented him with a beautiful gift. At the end he took selfies with everyone in front of the hotel Christmas tree, and also did a mini-photoshoot, much to the delight of all in attendance and as seen in the exclusive pics below. Editorial note: his hat is everything.

by @sshcherbakova


JW_EV_01-07-2016_PIC_0865The gift…


JW_EV_01-07-2016_PIC_0873…gorgeous new skate covers, made of genuine mink with a Swarovski crystal design!


Johnny Weir (c) Elena Vasileva Binky's Johnny Weir Blog

Johnny in that hat in front of a Christmas tree. What more could anyone want for the holidays?


Johnny Weir (c) Elena Vasileva Binky's Johnny Weir Blog


Johnny Weir (c) Elena Vasileva Binky's Johnny Weir Blog


Johnny Weir (c) Elena Vasileva Binky's Johnny Weir Blog


Johnny Weir (c) Elena Vasileva Binky's Johnny Weir Blog


Johnny Weir (c) Elena Vasileva Binky's Johnny Weir BlogThe face of a man who has performed 15 ice shows in 13 days…


Johnny Weir (c) Elena Vasileva Binky's Johnny Weir Blog“…wait, what time is my flight tomorrow…?”


JW_fans_01-07-2016_01Group shot of all those who weren’t too shy to be in the photo.❤️


I love sixteen minutes of Johnny speaking Russian even though I mostly have no idea what he’s saying. And his excitement over the gift at about 1:50 needs no translation. Original video thanks to Olga Kononova! Possibly more portions coming…
Video link.
Alternate link.


…Yes! More video! I need to know what is happening at about 17:06 and 19:57. Also watch for an abundance of gift-giving beginning around 20:45. Oh, and he takes his hat off at about 6:02. Thanks to Yulya Ponomaryova for the clips!
Video link.
Alternate link.



My fans are the best! New mink blade covers!! Всем спасибо! by @johnnygweir



We would be remiss if we did not once again offer very special thanks to the lovely and amazing Elena Vasileva, who worked tirelessly (despite very little actual sleep) for more than two solid weeks to bring Johnny’s appearance in Snow King 2 to life for all of us around the world through her extraordinary photographs. Elena was one of the official show photographers, but she also generously provided additional exclusive photographs to the blog, documenting everything from Johnny’s arrival in Moscow to his final bow to his post-show fan meeting (which she organized). I leave you with her beautiful thanks to him, posted on her Instagram after Johnny had departed for home:

My very special thanks to the most wonderful person in this world. Johnny, thank you for these two weeks, for every moment of them, for your endless perfection on ice, for all your talents and hard work, your kindness, wisdom, patience and courage, for your attention to my photo work. Thank you for being you and for being in my life.❤️ And please remember, you promised we would see soon 😉❤️❤️ #theoneandonly #johnnyweir #снежныйкороль2 #snowkingbyplushenko #кай #kai by @elle_velle


Johnny Weir and Elena VasilevaJohnny and Elena, Snow King 2, New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2015.

GET READY! Johnny returns to Japan next week to compete again in Medal Winners Open on Friday, January 15 (GANBATTE, Johnny!). He’s also appearing in New Year on Ice immediately following, on Saturday and Sunday, which will be broadcast live in Japan. Here’s hoping for video from the broadcast!

Johnny Weir in Medal Winners OpenImage via Johnny’s official website.

REMINDER: If you’d like to offer happy holiday wishes to Johnny (and Tëma!), there’s still time to send cards and small gifts to him through his fan mail service! Holiday mail will be forwarded to him after he returns from Japan. Details and gift suggestions on this post, along with tons of gorgeous picspam!

JW_Xmas_06Image via Show Johnny Weir the Love on Facebook.

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