A Slightly Belated Happy New Weir

So I realize we’re already 12 days into 2016, but today we’re going to take a teensy step back into the end of 2015 for a moment to enjoy these fabulous goodies that have just arrived at the blog’s doorstep.

We begin with (yes! At last!) video of all Johnny’s moments from the NBC New Year’s Eve special, “A Toast to 2015!” Which is a lot of randomly hilarious stuff, so captions have been added here and there for a wee bit of context as the show careens along from one 2015 trend (or fail) to the next. The video also includes the bonus Johnny clips and outtake posted by NBC prior to the broadcast. Watch, enjoy, rewatch, repeat, and be reminded all over again why this man really needs his own show (again).

With special thanks to video ninja Jenn Kittler for the broadcast footage!
Video link.

END-OF-YEAR PHOTOSHOOT: Johnny in Red Square

Photo session in Red Square near Lobnoye Mesto (old public forum site) with the amazing St. Basil’s Cathedral (1556-1561) as a backdrop, taken a few days before the 2016 New Year.

One of the perks of blogging ceaselessly about Johnny is getting to know some of the amazing people that are part of his travels in various countries. One such person is Arthur Lookyanov, who, as many fans know, has been Johnny’s driver in Moscow for the past ten years or so. Besides running his own successful and highly recommended guide-and-driver service, Arthur also is quite an accomplished photographer, and maintains an incredible gallery of his work on his website in the section titled “ArtLook Photography.” Over time we’ve established a delightful exchange: he shows me his latest photos and shares his encyclopedic knowledge of his beautiful country with me, and in return, I provide light editing services for the titles and descriptions he writes in English to post with his photos.

Johnny’s visits to Moscow usually include a brief photo session with Arthur at some point during his stay, much to the joy of everyone on the planet. Arthur has kindly allowed me to share his latest Johnny photo series, taken while Johnny was in Moscow for Snow King 2, and which some of you may have already seen via social media. But because he’s awesome, Arthur sent the photos to me in a much bigger size than he usually posts. So please enjoy these gorgeous extra-large pics, with titles that Arthur and I wrote together, pairing words with photos to help capture these special moments of Johnny in one of his very favorite places on earth.

For more from Arthur, please follow him on Twitter, friend him on Facebook, like his company’s Facebook page, and book him for your next trip to Russia!

In the Light of His Beloved Mother Russia

Johnny Weir (c) Arthur Lookyanov

I Give You . . . The Gloriousness That Is Moscow

Johnny Weir (c) Arthur Lookyanov

Let Me Turn It Gently . . .

Arthur felt that the composition of the photo makes it look like Johnny is turning one of the onion domes with his hand. I love it.

Johnny Weir (c) Arthur Lookyanov

The Step on the Red Square

Johnny Weir (c) Arthur Lookyanov

Under the Protection of His Favorite Blue-and-White Dome of St. Basil’s

Johnny Weir (c) Arthur Lookyanov

Square Dancing

Johnny Weir (c) Arthur Lookyanov

Finding Peace in One of His Favorite Places on Earth

Johnny Weir (c) Arthur Lookyanov

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Instagrammed by Johnny here.

Johnny Weir (c) Arthur Lookyanov

Russia Will Steal Your Soul

Johnny’s breath escaping into the icy Moscow air inspired this title.

Johnny Weir (c) Arthur Lookyanov

Stepping Into the Future Under the Gaze of the Moscow Sun

Johnny Weir (c) Arthur Lookyanov


Johnny Weir and MAC Cosmetics 2010Via Johnny in honor of the legendary glam rocker: “Really thankful that a bit of David Bowie lives in all of us. ⚡️” From Johnny’s 2010 photoshoot with MAC Cosmetics for his Japanese Mook Book.


JW_art_Emily_01-10-2016Gorgeous art via @18emilyemily: “твоё искусство на льду восхитительно! И вдохновляясь тобой я сделала это.. :) Всяяя любовь из России❤🇷🇺” [“Your art on ice is delightful! And inspired by you, I did this… :) All the love from Russia”]

GET READY! Johnny returns to Japan this week to compete again in Medal Winners Open on Friday, January 15 (GANBATTE, Johnny!). He’s also appearing in New Year on Ice immediately following, on Saturday and Sunday, which will be broadcast live in Japan. Here’s hoping for video from the broadcast!

Johnny’s program for the 2014 Medal Winners Open. Uploaded by Elena Vasileva, who wrote in the description: “There are no words to say how beautiful it is…”
Video link.

REMINDER: If you’d like to offer happy holiday wishes to Johnny (and Tëma!), there’s still time to send cards and small gifts to him through his fan mail service! Holiday mail will be forwarded to him after he returns from Japan. Details and gift suggestions on this post, along with tons of gorgeous picspam!

JW_Xmas_06Image via Show Johnny Weir the Love on Facebook.

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