US Nats Roundup: Our Story Thus Far . . .

US NATIONALS WRAP-UP POST is HERE! With complete coverage from Sunday’s live broadcast, including pic/clip roundup, exclusive video, a look at that men’s judging controversy, and breaking news about Johnny’s upcoming appearances!

Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016

LIVE BLOGGING! Scroll down to the UPDATES section below for the latest Johnny pics/vids/news from Saturday at Nats.

Men’s and ladies medal winners’ free skates with Johnny and Tara’s commentary are available on NBC Sports and on Johnny’s official website.

JW_Nats_01-21-2016_05AOne of our first glimpses of Johnny at the US National Figure Skating Championships in St. Paul, MN, on Thursday. Via @luglio.

Yes! Here’s Johnny at Nats: everything you may have already seen, now in convenient digest form! Please be sure to check back throughout the weekend for updates. I’ll be doing sort of a live-blogging thing, which in my case means adding every mention/photo of him as soon as I find it… [see UPDATES below!].

In addition to all the fun stuff here, please check out these nuggets:

*NEW this year: NBC Sports has created an “All-Access” site for Nats which is actually pretty cool—although it would be even cooler if they’d just show the entire competition live on NBC or at least NBC Sports’ Live Extra, with Johnny and Tara commentary throughout. But short of that, the free All Access area offers news; the latest social media posts from NBC broadcasters, skaters, and other experts; videos; interactive features, including fan polls; and a leader board with actual real-time scoring and footnoted explanations (because ughhh it makes no sense but OK thanks for trying, NBC). Following along with All Access scoring + Twitter #USChamps16 live feed is a great alternative (albeit sort of like a throwback to radio: following the action without actually seeing any of it) to the notoriously unreliable IceNetwork livestream, which has infuriated viewers anew during Nationals. And of course IN remains inaccessible unless you’re willing to fork over $50 for it, which some of us can’t do due to budgetary constraints, and some of us don’t want to do for a product that performs as poorly as this does. The athletes deserve far better than the fail that IceNetwork provides. Which leads us to:

*Here’s Why U.S. Figure Skating Has Fallen So Far: The excellent Christine Brennan of USA Today (you may remember her from Pop Star on Ice) offers her thoughtful view on why we can’t have nice things in this country when it comes to figure skating—like wall-to-wall coverage of Nats on a major network with Johnny and Tara commentary throughout (see above). The sport seems to be in an actual death spiral here, and it is affecting both current competitors and those who have retired from competition but are still well able to perform spectacularly in exhibitions. She echoes a point that both Johnny and Tara have made in interviews throughout the last few years: when our skaters don’t do well internationally, interest wanes, leading to less coverage, leading to less opportunities for casual viewers to become invested in the sport and its athletes, leading to less incentive for networks to cover it, leading to waning interest… It’s an interesting though bleak read on a problem that begs for creative solutions from those who love this sport.

*The Rules of Fashion on the Ice: A fun and informative piece, but the best part is the lead photograph for the article, captioned: “Johnny Weir famously competed in a swan-inspired costume with a single red glove (aka the beak) that he named Camille.” I love that he remains the most trend-setting and always-relevant representative of his sport. And I love The Swan forever.

Johnny Weir The Swan Binkys Johnny Weir Blog



Another early glimpse of Johnny, with Meryl Davis and Tara:

Johnny Weir at US Nationals 2016 Binkys Johnny Weir BlogVia @luglio.


Then this happened:

Johnny Weir at US Nationals 2016 Binkys Johnny Weir BlogVia @luglio.


Oh hey Nationals #uschamps16 @johnnygweir #zamboni by @taralipinski


So. Many. Interviews.

We’re so excited to have @johnnygweir and @taralipinski in town for #SKATEMN2016! Watch them live on @NBC starting Saturday at 2pm. #USChamps16 by @xcelenergyctr


Watch for this interview to come this weekend on the Today Show and NBC Nightly News [UPDATE: video added below!]:

With @nbcsports commentators @taralipinski & @johnnygweir at the @usfigureskating championships. Story for @todayshow & @nbcnightlynews coming this weekend #usfigureskating #uschamps16 by @janetshamlian


Johnny Weir at US Nationals 2016 Binkys Johnny Weir BlogVia @vsawkar of the Star Tribune: “Enjoyed interviewing @taralipinski @JohnnyGWeir @XcelEnergyCtr for#uschamp16 #skatemn2016.” Video from her interview is below!


Johnny Weir at US Nationals 2016 Binkys Johnny Weir BlogVia The Jason Show, whose interview with Johnny and Tara is scheduled to be posted on Friday.


John Coughlin and the back of Johnny’s head in the broadcasting area.

Johnny Weir at US Nationals 2016 Binkys Johnny Weir BlogVia @luglio.


Ready and sparkly!

Just making sure our sparkles are sitting right.💎 @johnnygweir @nbcsports #uschamps16 by @taralipinski


Hard at work for NBC. With Uncle Terry to Tara’s left.

Oh NO BIG DEAL, that’s just Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir!!! #uschamps16 by @goodsaidbenny


I see you Tara and Johnny…. #creepin #uschamps16 by @alexepidymoke


They also took the time to make some lucky fans, including this one, very happy after all the events were over for the day:

Johnny Weir at US Nationals 2016 Binkys Johnny Weir BlogVia Libby Lu Silverman: “Thank you The Official Johnny G. Weir and Tara Lipinski for making my dream of meeting you come true! It was truly an honor to meet you both. :) Photo Cred: Jan Scott.”



Another interview scheduled to be broadcast Friday evening on KARE Channel 11. [Note: newly added below!]

Johnny Weir at US Nationals 2016 Binkys Johnny Weir BlogVia @artsynik: “Let’s play ‘Worst Case Scenario’ with @taralipinski @JohnnyGWeir! Tonight @ 6:30p on @kare11 #BTN @janashortal”


Johnny drinking… someone’s coffee.

Ааа Людк??? #coffeename by @johnnygweir


Fun with Uncle Terry!

Can we throw Tara like this??? 🏀 @johnnygweir @taralipinski #Terry by @taraandjohnny


Another view:

Via @amyhope07: “@taralipinski and @JohnnyGWeir looks like you two are having fun at the @USFigureSkating championship #USChamps16”


We are getting pumped for the men’s event…we like to pose when we get this excited ⛸ @johnnygweir @taraandjohnny by @taralipinski


Got to see Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir! #USchamps16 @taralipinski @johnnygweir by @hanna_skater



Pre-telecast vocal warmups. With choral accompaniment. (Although this may actually have happened Friday, judging by their attire.)

Vocal warm ups @johnnygweir @taralipinski by @taraandjohnny


Johnny in his Look of the Afternoon. Gorgeous.

Snowed in? Join us at 2EST on NBC for our daytime live coverage of US Nationals. Day Look: Blazer @thekooplesofficial Shirt @pink_tartan Suedes @iroparis Platforms @chanelofficial Cuff @hermes Brooch Chinese fan group 🐒 Head & Face @niasjoymakeup by @johnnygweir


Spotted from the audience:

Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016Via @mgarner: “Fun to see @Johnnygweir and @taralipinski at #USChamps16.”


Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016Via @Moriah0628: “@JohnnyGWeir and @taralipinski WHATT! Hoping to get a picture together!”


LIVE on the air with Uncle Terry for the afternoon broadcast!

Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016


Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016


Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016


Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016


Terry got in on the matching outfits today. @nanettelepore @niasjoymakeup by @taralipinski


Programming note: I was not pleased that we had to make our way through the ice dance coverage in the second half of the afternoon broadcast without Johnny and Tara. I am most definitely not of the mindset that only ice dancers can comment on ice dance, only pairs skaters can comment on pairs, etc. Particularly not for the audience NBC hopes to target with the charisma, talent, and edginess of Johnny and Tara. Do feel free to disagree with me. Somewhere else.

Johnny in his Look of the Eve. Triple gorgeous +5 GOE.

Look of the Eve: Jacket @zadigetvoltaire Blouse Vintage Necklace @joomilim Brooch @flowerme_ru Leathers @acnestudios Glovelette @karina_grigoryants Wedge @chanelofficial Hair/Makeup @niasjoymakeup by @johnnygweir


On-site sightings!

Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016Via @KimberlyMLarson: “A @TaraandJohnny sighting! Trying to contain my excitement! #USChamps16”


Doesn’t matter what else I see this weekend. My day is made. @johnnygweir #USCHAMPS16 #usfs by @suzannej777


LIVE on the air again for primetime!

Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016


Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016


Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016


Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016


And an interesting configuration of commentators at the end of the broadcast to wrap up the evening… #bodylanguage

Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016


Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016


Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016


Johnny Weir live on NBC for US Nationals 2016


Two of their interviews were posted Thursday, with more to come!

Video link.


Video link.



Possibly the best interview ever. #Mongolia #squirrels #thisisyourmoment

IDEK what’s wrong with the interviewer’s coanchor, whose announcement that she doesn’t “get” Johnny and Tara sent me into Dowager mode. She is obviously to be pitied.
Video link.



And the fluff piece about the Gold sisters mentioned above, originally scheduled to run on both the Today Show and the news, but preempted in the morning by all the East Coast Snowmageddon coverage.

Johnny and Tara appear briefly beginning at about 1:08.
Video link.

GET READY! US Nationals are happening as we speak. Here’s when you can tune into NBC to get Johnny and Tara’s take on all the action:

JW_2016_US_Nats_promo_01C_1024Image via Johnny’s official website.

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  4 comments for “US Nats Roundup: Our Story Thus Far . . .

  1. Chris
    January 25, 2016 at 8:40 am

    “feel free to disagree with me. Somewhere else”… OMG I LOVE YOU!!!!!
    The News co-anchor from channel 11… GRRRRRR. She may need a write in/email in campaign to ask WTF?
    The final “commentator line up”… WHAT? Nobody puts Baby… uh, I mean Johnny, in the corner. Made my angry! Go away gracefully, Scott… or just go away.
    Final thought… are we going to have to see Evan again?… PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!
    Final Final thought, excellent collection of pictures, videos and comments. Binky, thank you for your tireless devotion to Johnny and his fans!

  2. January 24, 2016 at 12:12 pm

    Binky this is awesome!! Just what I needed for a weekend at home doing chores. I’ve said before that I love your blog because it eschews all the negativity and gets right down to what I want to hear about when it comes to Johnny and Tara. I’ll comment more later but I just had to point out something really obvious. I almost Directed Messaged you on Twitter when it happened. I love Tanith and she did a great job. Bu it was kinda crazy to bring her in to do the ice dancing. I was trying to grab a pic at the end of that afternoon coverage of the pairs/ice dancing competition when Terry, Tanith, Tara and Johnny were doing the wrap up. Check out all of their body language.

    Now as you so astutely observed check out the body language at the end of the women’s competition – Terry Scott, Tara, and Johnny. At first I thought Tara was sitting in Johnny’s lap! Ohhhhh could you feel it in the banter? You could definitely see it in their postures. Even Terry looked uncomfortable. I am sure NBC is working on combinations of their skating commentators to see what works and what doesn’t. I have loved Scott for years, but it really is time to let go Scott. Whatever is happening behind the scenes is translating to in front of the cameras. I strayed momentarily from your awesome blog before the competition where I read a brief article about the dueling figure skating commentators. I was like – What??? But the reporter had seen something we would come to see during the coverage.

    I hope NBC keeps in mind Sochi. Johnny and Tara’s coverage was not about the fluff, the outfits and the quirkiness. It was them hour after hour giving some of the best commentary, along with Terry, of any sport I have watched or listened to. The three of them kept me interested in what I was watching. Even the lesser known skaters that you don’t get to see in prime time were given their just do. I understood how they would grow or not grow from their astute observation and thorough study of the skaters they were commenting on.

    And as for that reporter that just doesn’t get them – there is probably a lot she don’t get!!!!

  3. CV 73
    January 23, 2016 at 8:04 am

    That video with the three of them was magic. I loved that Johnnywanted to make sure he was doing it right and Terry coaching him. Why Golf Channel hasn’t put together a show with Terry teaching them golf is a complete mystery to me. And I still want the 3 of them learning synchro skating.

  4. Daniel Peoples
    January 22, 2016 at 9:02 pm

    Excellent photos and interviews from Nationals!

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