Dream Team Commentary: US Nats Gala and Euros

Yes, I realize they’re already taking Rio de Janeiro by storm and have in fact been doing so for several days now, but ICYMI: here’s what Johnny and Tara were up to over the weekend before jetting off to their mystery mission in sunny Brazil. Now UPDATED below with the full broadcast video of their commentary on Euros!


Screencaps from their opening segment. I loved this, and you’ll see why in the video below.










The opening and closing segments of the gala.

Video link.

The best part, beginning at about 0:51:

Terry: Hi, everybody! Glad you’re with us. Terry Gannon along with Johnny Weir, Tara Lipinski. Thank goodness—I almost wore that same outfit tonight, John. Would have been disastrous. [They all crack up.]

Johnny: Oh, you have a leopard-print smock on ya?

Terry: You’re looking sharp.

And the full broadcast!

Gala, part 1.
Video link.


Gala, part 2.
Video link.


At last, the Dream Team Commentary from the US Nationals Saturday afternoon live broadcast!

Ladies short program and pairs free skate, part 1.
Video link.


Ladies short program and pairs free skate, part 2.
Video link.


Dazzling Johnny.

Look of the day: Jacket @sachinandbabi Turtleneck @pink_tartan Suedes @iroparis Bracelet @hermes Platforms @chanelofficial Hair @mariolazysk Face @dianemellina by @johnnygweir


Pre-broadcast shenanigans.

Fun time with “Tara and Johnny” today! #behindthescenes #setlife #makeupartist @mariolazysk – hairstylist by @dianemellina


Work? Werk! Had so much fun commentating Europeans today. Catch it tomorrow afternoon on @nbcsports! by @taraandjohnny


Screencaps with bonus Tanith White, subbing for Terry who was apparently doing something else which we should really put a stop to ASAP. My apologies for the slightly less than stellar quality of these. Dear NBC Chicago, please never ever let your livestream crap out when I am in the midst of screencapping Johnny.







Describing how Elena Radionova skates with “such passion and heart.”




Opening segment.

Video link.



Euros, part 1.
Video link.


Euros, part 2.
Video link.


Gorgeous Dream Team whimsy by the always amazing Ayumi.

こんなかなー?(観れてません) by @ayukovon


🌹🌹描いとこ #USChamps16 by @ayukovon


GET READY: Johnny is guest-starring on E! Online’s new digital series, Hashtaggers! Catch a sneak peek on E! News Monday, February 8, 7 pm ET / 6 pm CT. Afterward all nine episodes will premiere at once, including Johnny’s. More info plus video clip in this post!

Johnny Weir guest stars on HashtaggersImage via Johnny’s official website.

Very special thanks, as always, to video ninja Jenn Kittler for the full-length broadcasts!

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  1 comment for “Dream Team Commentary: US Nats Gala and Euros

  1. Mdanl73
    February 3, 2016 at 8:23 am

    Yes, Terry needs to do less golf. However, the Glitter Twins would have been proud. On the golf, Terry and Nick Faldo were discussing a male golfer’s high top golf shoes. Terry brings up that he saw Michelle Wie in high tops and he likes them. Faldo made some comment about him knowing that and Terry replied “I am up on all my fashion.”

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