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JW_FB_02-06-2016_01BRandom happy Johnny for your Friday. Via his manager, Laina Cohn.

Here’s all the Johnny news that happened this week not previously covered in the Rio post (new video ICYMI!) or the Hashtaggers post (yes, of course you can go watch his Hashtaggers episode again. Here, let me join you. He’s pitch-perfect throughout, but my favorite part in the whole episode is the way he says, “Having sex!” at about 4:54).

OK! Here we go:


Johnny has once again been named to OUT Magazine’s Top 100 Most Eligible Bachelors list:


JW_OUT100_02-08-2016_01Johnny’s pic in the OUT poll.


Which is a thing that actually happened on Monday, but I was still awash in all the delightful samba-ness of Johnny and Tara dancing on a float in front of 100,000 people that I didn’t even realize this year’s poll was up and that he was on it until I saw some random tweet and was aghast to discover he was not yet in first place (at first I thought he was actually in 43rd place until it dawned on me that the poll is arranged in alphabetical order by first name. Once you vote, the photos are rearranged in order of vote percentage. OK then!). Fortunately fans rallied immediately as soon as they saw the bat signal, and we have already voted him into the top five. Last year he made it to fourth place, but we’d love to do even better this year. So please vote for him here as often as possible from every device and browser available to you (pro tip: you can vote multiple times simply by refreshing the page). IDK when voting ends, because OUT languidly wrote, “We’ll present the winners later this month…” so let’s just vote aggressively until someone makes us stop. As we always do.


Also announced this week (and tweeted by Johnny today): Johnny is headlining the Art2Skate 2016 Spring Ice Show, which is being hosted at his home rink, The Skating Club of Wilmington, where he films all those beloved practice clips that we can never get enough of (see below).


JW_SCW_04-2016_01Poster for the show courtesy of the Skating Club of Wilmington.


This is a two-day event happening Friday, April 15, and Saturday, April 16, at 7 pm ET both nights. I am #NotClearOn yet if he’ll be doing other things in addition to performing (Meet-n-greet? Skating seminar? Driving the Zamboni and offering commentary?), but will update as more details become available. In any case, it’s a rare at-home skating performance, so if there’s any way you can attend one or both nights, DO. IT.


From Bustle: The ‘Zoolander 2’ Post-Credits Scene Should Make Fans Finally “Relax”

Not much has changed since Zoolander was released in 2001, at least not where it counts, but what does separate the sequel from the original are more celebrity cameos. … Even in the credits of the film, Zoolander 2 refuses to stop parading celebrity cameos. Johnny Weir, the Olympic figure skater, makes a very brief appearance in the credits sequence, showing up only to dance a bit before disappearing again. Random? Definitely. Entertaining? Sure.

(Also confirmed here.)




So I was idly searching YouTube at 3 am to see if there were any new Johnny vids that I might have missed, as one does, and lo and behold, someone had just uploaded several programs from early in his career, at least some of which I had not seen on video before. But even if you have, he’s amazing and these are wonderful. I can’t imagine a better way to spend Flashback Friday. Or any day.

2000 US Junior Nationals short program.
Video link.


2000 US Junior Nationals free skate.
Video link.


2002 4CC free skate.
Video link.


2002 4CC exhibition program.
Video link.


Brief practice clip from 2005 Worlds.
Video link.


2007 Marshalls Showcase. Note commentary from Uncle Terry and Uncle Dick Button.
Video link.


Yay he’s home and posting practice clips again!

First practice in almost a month but luckily I had the samba in me…#granderio @taralipinski by @johnnygweir


We won’t. Such a good jam. @jaymesyng @ph0eberyan by @johnnygweir

GET READY: The Dream Team returns to NBC next Saturday and Sunday, February 20 and 21, with coverage of the Four Continents Championships!

JW_2016_4CC_promo_04B_1024Image via Johnny’s official website.

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