‘100 Days to Rio’ Recap: The Glitter Twins Kick Off the Oly Countdown with Style

JW_100_Days_001The inimitable Johnny & Tara prepare to take over Rio. Screencap from the full episode video below!

If there’s anything that could get me a lot more interested in the Summer Olympics than I normally am (really more of a Winter Games fan), it would be Johnny and Tara. And after watching their delightful and informative ‘100 Days to Rio’ special—for a behind-the-scenes refresher on their trip to Rio, see this post—I am officially super-excited for more Johnny and Tara (oh, and the Games, too, of course). They did a stellar job of bringing the flavor, the culture, and the passion of Rio to life for the viewer in a brief, 20-minute piece jampacked with info and humor. They are dynamite together, and I can’t wait for more segments from them as the Games draw near.

Johnny tweeted the link to their episode last night after it aired, but ICYMI, we have the full episode below, plus a gorgeous gallery of screencaps, clips, and outtakes. If you can’t wait to see it, scroll down to the end of the post and watch now, then come back and take your time enjoying all the recap stuff. Either way, you’ll be awash in smiles and sparkle from the fabulous fun that is always Johnny and Tara.


JW_100_Days_002Introducing the show: “I’m Tara Lipinski, and I’m here with my partner-in-crime, Johnny Weir.”


JW_100_Days_004I love this part of the opening segment, with “Fearless” emblazoned across them.


JW_100_Days_005The episode starts off at an impromptu early-morning street parade.








JW_100_Days_009Then they visit Fabio Ricardo, creative director of the Granda Rio samba school, one of a number of schools participating in the samba competition/parade that is integral to Carnival.




JW_100_Days_011They seem to all be pointing in different directions, but they’re all gesturing toward the enormous Grande Rio float on which Johnny and Tara will be singing and dancing during the parade.


JW_100_Days_012The beach segment begins with a discussion of the risks and rewards faced by the lifeguards of Brazil’s beautiful beaches.








JW_100_Days_016Discussing the available beach chairs. Johnny asks: “Soooo… does this come in a loveseat?” “No.”


JW_100_Days_017Tara orders a Brazilian grilled cheese (see Johnny’s “What is that?” outtake clip below for more…).


JW_100_Days_018“This is paradise, Johnny.” “Yes, ma’am!”


JW_100_Days_019They discover the game of beach “foot volley,” a combination of soccer and volleyball. See Johnny’s outtake clip below for a look at whether or not this is his sport.






JW_100_Days_022Tara struggles a bit in kicking the ball, and Johnny declares, “You’re not on my team.”


JW_100_Days_023They give it their all, but landing in the sand once again, Johnny decides: “I think it’s better if we just watch at this point.”


JW_100_Days_024The players cool off with a shower on the beach. “How am I supposed to concentrate when THIS is happening right next to me?” Johnny exclaims. “Brazil and her beaches really are… stunning. Happy coconuts, everyone.”


JW_100_Days_025Next up: a segment on Brazil’s ongoing foodie revolution, featuring young executive chef Elia Schramm.


JW_100_Days_026Johnny and Tara visit Elia at his restaurant, housed in the Modern Art Museum of Rio, for a cooking lesson.










JW_100_Days_031In the following segment, the Glitter Twins meet musician Moyseis Marques and learn about samba music, which, Moyseis explains, is synonymous with love.






JW_100_Days_033Johnny and Tara visit a local nightclub where Moyseis and his band are playing.




JW_100_Days_035And now they’re almost ready to enter the legendary Sambadrome and compete with their fellow float-riders in the Carnival parade. Here they meet with Grande Rio’s legendary costume designer Ivonete Candido for final fittings.




JW_100_Days_037Tonight’s the night! The Glitter Twins head toward their float. “Our boat looks good!”


JW_100_Days_038“It’s a hundred thousand people, it’s kind of the biggest audience I’ve ever performed for, and it’s going to be sheer craziness,” Johnny explains.


JW_100_Days_039Inside the float, getting ready to climb up to their dancing deck.




JW_100_Days_041“Smile. Judges,” Johnny shouts. “Where?” asks Tara. “Right there!”


JW_100_Days_042An unforgettable experience.


Johnny and Tara earned high praise from the film crew for their work on the special.

Earlier this year I jumped on a trip for @nbcsports to The Olympic host city: Rio De Janiero and tonight at 7pm (pst) on Channel 4, you can see all of our hard work pay off with the airing of “1st Look: 100 days to Rio”. We had an amazing crew and top notch talent @taralipinski and @johnnygweir Enjoy! #freeflysystems by @aaronmendezfilms


The #RoadToRio starts tonight at 7pm on @NBCtv. “1st Look: 100 Days To Rio” was a massive collaborative effort made possible by @JohnnygWeir, @TaraLipinski, @NBCSports @1stlooktv and our incredible #production teams in #NYC and #RioDeJaneiro. We’ve got #Blocos #Beaches #Food #Samba and culminate with #Carnaval. Check out our #Brazilian #Opus, it’s a beautiful show! #Olympics are #100DaysOut #ProductionLife #Rio @NBColympics #BAM #CheckMait by @bmait


100 Days to Rio! I can’t wait to go back! 🏅 by @johnnygweir


Learning to play “Foot Volley”. Watch more tonight on @NBC @1stlooktv #roadtorio #taraandjohnnytakerio #100days by @johnnygweir


Confetti for #100days until Rio! Watch our preview tonight with @NBC @1stlooktv @taralipinski @johnnygweir #taraandjohnnytakerio by @taraandjohnny


Our preparation for Sambadrom 2016…Be sure to catch us 7pm NYC and 7pm LA on @nbcolympics @1stlooktv #100days #taraandjohnnytakerio #hello #roadtorio by @taraandjohnny


Learning to samba for our big dance on a float! @taralipinski @johnnygweir #100days #taraandjohnnytakerio #roadtorio @1stlooktv by @taraandjohnny


What is that? @taralipinski @taraandjohnny @1stlooktv @nbc #roadtorio #taraandjohnnytakerio #100Days by @johnnygweir


Johnny doing his best Hasselhoff impression. I’m obviously channeling my inner Beyonce…Check us out on @NBC @1stlooktv tonight to see some of our Rio adventures. @johnnygweir by @taralipinski


Walk up in da club like…@nbc @1stlooktv @taralipinski @taraandjohnny #taraandjohnnytakerio #roadtorio by @johnnygweir


The full episode!
Video link.


Cannot. Wait.

Johnny Weir at the Kentucky Derby for NBCImage via Johnny’s official website.

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