Catching Up With Johnny-san: from Boston to LA to Japan

JW_NRT_05-24-2016_DSC05514CHappy Johnny is greeted by fans at Narita International Airport in Tokyo earlier today. Photo tweeted by Nanako Ugajin: ‘Today’s Johnny-san at NRT. It’s a good smile. 😁’ Exclusive pics from Nanako below!

Yes, technically the first day of summer is in June, but for me, summer always starts when Johnny’s touring season begins, usually heralded by his arrival in Japan for one or more legs of the annual Fantasy on Ice tour. And fortunately that day is today—or kind of yesterday if you’re actually in Japan, which he is, but many of us are not, which is a very sad state of affairs upon which we shall not dwell—but the point is he’s THERE and he was met upon arrival by some of his beloved Japanese fans bearing gorgeous flowers and sweet gifts and showering him with love, and that’s how we know it’s really actually summer right now: because he has the sunniest smile in the world whenever he’s in Japan.

We are also fortunate that his arrival was documented in the glorious photos below, which we’ll get to in a moment, but first: Fantasy on Ice kicks off in Makuhari this weekend, and apparently some of the tour will be aired on Japanese television. This is the schedule as of right now, with fingers crossed that there may be livestreams and/or video forthcoming from these broadcasts:

Performances: Friday, May 27, through Sunday, May 29
Broadcast: BS Asahi, Sunday, June 5, 9 pm Japan time / 8 am ET

Performances: Friday, June 3, through Sunday, June 5
Broadcast: Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting (UHB), Sunday, June 5, 1:30 pm Japan time / 12:30 am ET
UPDATE: Additional broadcast on BS Fuji, Sunday, July 17, 5 pm Japan time / 4 am ET

Performances: Friday, June 17, through Sunday, June 19
Broadcast: BS Asahi, Saturday, June 18, 3 pm Japan time / 2 am ET
UPDATE: Additional broadcast on ABC TV Kobe, Saturday, June 25, 4 pm Japan time / 3 am ET

Performances: Friday, June 24, through Sunday, June 26
Broadcast: BS Asahi, Saturday, July 9, 12 noon Japan time / 11 pm ET Friday, July 8
UPDATE: Additional broadcast on ABN Nagano, Saturday, July 2, 1 pm Japan time / 12 am ET

In addition, since I was busy having a crisis last week which can best be summed up by Life casting its eye upon me and going, “lmao w/e,” we also have some fabulous catch-up photos below from Johnny’s travels leading up to Japan, all of them fun and several with Tara Lipinski that are simply lovely. More to come from Japan as the Fantasy on Ice tour unfolds!


Flowers awaiting Johnny at NRT! ❤️

Flowers for Johnny 💐 by @hina_kinako


花束がでかすぎて困惑中。ごめんね🙏💦💦 by @midnight_kurage


He’s here!!

今日はこんな出で立ちでした。ハイテマス😁 by @hina_kinako


And we love his shoes!

可愛いスニーカー。桜模様でした🌸 by @hina_kinako



すでに色々アップされとりますが、今日のジョニーさん@ NRT その① 今までで一番普段着っぽいスタイルだったかも。 by @ugachan


Exclusive photo © Nanako Ugajin.


Exclusive photo © Nanako Ugajin.


Exclusive photo © Nanako Ugajin.


Exclusive photo © Nanako Ugajin.


今日のジョニーさん@ NRT その② 鏡のようなサングラスなもんで、人の姿が写り込むからサングラスにもモザイク入れましたよ。 by @ugachan


Exclusive photo © Nanako Ugajin.


今日のジョニーさん@ NRT その③ by @ugachan


Exclusive photo © Nanako Ugajin.


今日のジョニーさん@ NRT その④ by @ugachan


今日のジョニーさん@ NRT その⑦ 今日もプレゼント🎁💐たくさん。 by @ugachan


Today’s outfit, very nice!💓 by @donotbeordinary


Thank you for always coming Johnny❣️ by @esjw2


Welcome to Japan❣️ @JohnnyGWeir
Thank you for sparing your precious time for us. 💐 by @donotbeordinary


今日のジョニーさん@ NRT その⑤ by @ugachan


Lovely thanks from Johnny to his fans . . . 

Thank you so much to my wonderful fans who took the time to greet me at the airport today! I ❤️ You! by @johnnygweir


. . . and fab FaOI fan art from Ayumi!

というように増殖する予定😘お迎え隊の皆さまシェアありがとうございました!!っぴょん♪♪ by @ayukovon


So last week Johnny attended INTX 2016, aka the Internet & Television Expo, repping NBC at the exclusive invite-only Chairman’s Reception. We begin with this selfie emphasizing gorgeous greenness as he was heading off to Boston . . . 

✈️😘 Very excited to represent NBC tonight at INTX in Boston! by @johnnygweir


. . . then radio silence until suddenly: a glimpse of his shoes! Of course.

Rocking Chanel platforms Johnny Weir by @SenaFitz


Quickly followed by a cascade of pics: everyone wants a selfie with Johnny Weir. And the captions are wonderful. First up: with Cara Petonic, Comcast’s senior manager of corporate strategy.

Accomplished a #lifegoal – met @JohnnyGWeir! by @CPtonk


With Brian Dietz, the NCTA’s VP of communications & digital strategy.

Hey, it’s @JohnnyGWeir at #INTX2016! I clearly need more sparkles on my jacket. by @BrianDietz


With Kristin Buch, left, NCTA director of public affairs, and Kat Stewart, senior director for the Cable Impacts Foundation, formerly known as Cable in the Classroom.

@johnnygweir is incredibly nice. We talked ice skating & what he’ll be doing at the Summer Olympics. Love his outfit too! #INTX2016 by @kat__stewart


A video fashion moment with anchorman David Culver of NBC News 4 in Washington, DC.

.@johnnygweir thinks I need to spruce up my own air news appearance. What do we think? @intxncta #intx2016 by @david_culver


With Sena Fitzmaurice, VP of government communications for Comcast.

At INTX with @SenaFitz and @JohnnyGWeir #winning #RioOlympics2016 by @jennk


With NCTA president & CEO and INTX keynote speaker Michael Powell, former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Great meeting @JohnnyGWeir tonight. #INTX2016 by @chairmanpowell


With Robert McVearry, co-founder and executive creative director at tech marketing firm O2 Lab.

Great to see the talented @JohnnyGWeir at #intx2016 by @rmcvearry


This one was a bit of a surprise. With Ralph Reed, founder and chairman of the super-ultra-mega-conservative Faith & Freedom Coalition . . . 

W/ @JohnnyGWeir at #INTX2016 in Boston. Great guy, gifted & brilliant athlete. by @ralphreed


With K. Dane Snowden, NCTA chief of staff.

So @vanillaice and @JohnnyGWeir walk into a reception. TY @ScrippsNet and @NBCSports #INTX2016 by @kdanesnowden


With Tosha Whitten Griggs, CEO and president of PR agency The Front Page Firm.

So great meeting the fabulous @johnnygweir at #intx this week during the @tvonetv hosted Chairman’s Reception. #lovehissparkles #thatboycanskatetho #blackgirlmagic #prlife by @toshwgriggs


With Emily Murtaugh, NCTA science & technology department coordinator.

Johnny Weir is a fabulous human being. #intx2016 @johnnygweir by @2seeemmyplay


With, left to right: Jenn Khoury, senior VP of corporate and digital communications, Comcast; D’Arcy Rudnay, executive VP and chief communications officer, Comcast; and Sena Fitzmaurice.

All about @JohnnyGWeir at #INTX tonight! @SenaFitz and DFR @darcyrudnay makes an appearance #RioOlympics2016 by @jennk


With Francesca Duffy, NCTA senior writer.

Fun times with @JohnnyGWeir at #intx2016 by @fm_duffy


And one more, on his way out the door: with Kimberli O’Meara, affiliate marketing manager for cable TV network INSP.

Was so bummed I didn’t get to see @johnnygweir at the #nbcuniversal booth today but happened to catch him as he was leaving. He is THE SWEETEST! He talked to us for several minutes and I was shaking the whole time! 😊⛸ #intx2016 by @omeara7980


But his day was far from over. For some reason he was momentarily in Newark, NJ, and then a few hours later, actually rehearsing back home at the Skating Club of Wilmington in the very wee hours of the night/morning, ready to drop from exhaustion but kind enough to post two beautiful skating clips for us:

It’s been a long day, 06:00 til’ now, 02:45, with lots of flights and six hour car trips and events between but, guys don’t cry. 😢GUYS WORK!@polnaeva_official #парнинеплачут by @johnnygweir


New costume test for my special collaboration next week in Japan! Stephanie Handler really outdid herself…#moonbeam #fantasyonice2016 by @johnnygweir


And then this. I really can’t get over this photo. Fierce and haunting and beautiful on so many levels . . . â€ª#‎FallenAngel‬

Life. by @johnnygweir


And next he was off to Los Angeles with Boz . . .


All we know about this trip is: he had a blast putting together some items for his Rio wardrobe with help from LA-based Wilt Clothing . . . 

Thank you @wiltclothing and Roxanne for a glorious afternoon prepping me for Rio! I love you guys to the sky and back! by @johnnygweir


. . . had a fab dinner at The Ivy with Boz and Jonathan Taub, who is part of his management team . . . 

Glorious Eve with @b_weir6 and Taub-kun @mostfavorednations by @johnnygweir


. . . worked on something that also involved LA comedian Justin Martindale . . . 

When you get to work with legendary @xobetseyjohnson AND @johnnygweir on a Friday oh it’s a GREAT DAY!!! #tgif #staytuned #fashion by @justinmartindale


. . . which was lots of fun . . . 

Such a fun day at work! by @johnnygweir


. . . enjoyed another wonderful evening with Boz, Jonathan, and his manager Laina Cohn . . . 

Happiness is where the heart is. @lainacohn @b_weir6 @mostfavorednations by @johnnygweir


. . . and then helped celebrate his beloved Tara Lipinski’s engagement to Emmy-winning sports producer Todd Kapostasy at their glam soirée in Beverly Hills. Enjoy the fab writeups and more photos here, here, and here. I particularly love this headline from People: Tara Lipinski’s Engagement Party Was So Fun, Her Fiancé Split His Pants (It Was Johnny Weir’s Fault).

What a perfect night to celebrate such a perfect couple. @taralipinski @toddkap by @johnnygweir


Cooing over our favorite new teammate and glorious slab of man, Sir @toddkap by @taraandjohnny


I love this . . . 

The other man in my life. Thank you @johnnygweir for coming all the way to LA to celebrate this night with me. It wouldn’t have been the same without you by my side….you think everyone liked our choreographed dance moves?💃🏼 @weddingpaperdivas by @taralipinski


. . . and this. ❤️

Via The Knot.

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