Fantasy on Ice: Our Story Thus Far . . .

JW_FaOI_Makuhari_05-2016_01Our beloved albino peacock with some of the lovely ladies of Fantasy on Ice in Makuhari. Back row, left to right: Meryl Davis, Ksenia Stolbova, Johnny, and Akiko Suzuki. Front row: Yuna Aoki and Wakaba Higuchi. Via the Fantasy on Ice Facebook page.

. . . which is presented with far fewer photos and videos than I would prefer, but here’s a scrapbook of everything I could round up as of this moment. We continue to hope that a livestream and performance videos will be forthcoming from the FaOI Makuhari broadcast, which is happening on BS Asahi this Sunday, June 5, 9 pm Japan time / 8 am ET (see full broadcast schedule in this post). We do know that Johnny performed two programs in each Makuhari show: Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, with this costume and live accompaniment by star pianist Kotaro Fukuma, and his Beyoncé number that he premiered at Art2Skate. Fingers crossed that at least one of these will make it into the broadcast! Both were extremely well-received, with attendees reporting that he earned massive applause and a standing ovation for his Moonlight. Beyoncé reviews also were excellent and heavily peppered with this emoji: 🍑.

The shows in Sapporo begin this Friday, so please watch for updates here throughout the weekend! What we need most of all is a full-length shot of his breathtaking Moonlight costume, a glimpse of which is below . . . 



At rehearsals.

С нашим любимым зайчиком🐰😉😚💋🙃🇯🇵 #goodtime #здесьисейчас #figureskating #Japan #Makuhari #fantasyonice #fantasyonice2016 by @tatkaroz


Behind-the-scenes peek from Stéphane:

Feels great to be back in Japan! Can’t wait to skate in the premiere of Fantasy on Ice tonight in Makuhari! #FaOI by @StephaneLambiel


Let’s slow that down a bit so we can enjoy all the hidden shenanigans . . . 

Video link.


Coming to you live from Makuhari! Showtime in 30 minutes! #fantasyonice2016 by @stolbovaksenia


At the show: the boxes where fans can deposit cards and gifts for the skaters.

プレゼント投入✨🎁✨ #FaOI #johnnygweir by @midnight_kurage


Johnny in the FaOI program booklet!

今年のパンフ。カルメンジョニー❤️💕❤️ by @hina_kinako


素敵ジョニー満載❤ by @midnight_kurage


思い出✨ FaOI 2016 Makuhari Johnny素敵な時間をありがとう🌹✨ by @takako.isk


With gorgeous flowers from fans after the first show.

What a magical show! Thank you to all my fans for your standing ovations, beautiful flowers and for just being. I love you! #fantasyonice2016 by @johnnygweir

Day 2: Saturday.

At yet more rehearsals with famed choreographer Kenji Miyamoto.

Johnny! by @Kenji Miyamoto


A peek at the opening number from Saturday’s show via Ari Zakarian:

Video link. Johnny’s intro begins at about 0:20.



#fantasyonice2016 by @marin_honda


どうもありがとうございました Makuhari ❤️ #fantasyonice by @meryl_davis


Happiness is friendship. @stolbovaksenia by @johnnygweir


Adorable fan art of Johnny and Ksenia by Ayumi.

A cute night dream of Makuhari. by @ayukovon

Day 3: Sunday.

More behind-the-scenes video, from Meryl Davis.

Bringing the energy on those early morning practices here in Makuhari with #fantasyonice2016! #BTS ahead of tonight’s show #3 before we head to Sapporo ✌🏼️ @charlieawhite @t.verner @stolbovaksenia @johnnygweir @klimov_f ⛸ by @meryledavis


Fantasy on Ice 2016 Makuhari. Fraction of our amazing cast: @j_butt @johnnygweir @charlieawhite @t.verner . Sorry Charlie for cutting your face in half #foi2016 #fantasyonice #skatingshow #czechskatingacademy by @t.verner


Absolutely my fav pic to come out of the Makuhari tour stop.

Showtime @slambiel by @johnnygweir


In his Moonlight costume with Kotaro Fukuma.

FaOI幕張公演いらしてくださった皆様、有難うございました! 運営スタッフ、出演者の皆様、お疲れ様でした&お世話になりました! 今回生演奏でコラボしてくれたノブ君&ジョニーと。二人とも心が美しく、終始和ませて&笑わせてくれますが、本番では高い集中力としなやかな表現、そして予告なしにジャンプのレヴェルを上げて3-3や3Aを跳ぶなど、アスリート魂も見せてくれました。札幌も楽しみです。 去年のフィナーレでは舞台袖で「あぁ、終わってしまう~」とウルウルしながら見てましたが、今回は舞台上で参加させていただき、この上なく光栄でした。 「もう一つの演目」については、札幌公演が終わってからコメントしたいと思います。 さぁ、次はヤマハホールでのリサイタル、自分自身アイスショーとは違う自分に「トランスフォーム」できるよう、冷静になって気持ちを切り替えたいと思います! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ by @kotarofsky


by Nobunari Oda


Photobombing Oda.

by Fantasy on Ice


Johnny and Miki in their beautiful flower crowns from dear Machiko.

Just Love this 🌹🌻👑 it is really special✨💕❤️ thank you so much😊😊😊 🌹🌻👑どうでしょう? 私もジョニちゃんの仲間入り😊✨💕❤️❤️❤️ とっても嬉しかったー❤️❤️❤️ ありがとうございましたm(_ _)m💕 #ファンタジーオンアイス2016 #fantasyonice2016 by @miki_m_ando0403


Happy moment celebrating with rose and sunflowers from our queen @mattii_7 ! Thanks you!!! by @johnnygweir


With @JohnnyGWeir Thank you💕💕 by @wakawakaskate




Off to Sapporo! Our albino peacock is easily spotted . . . 

Tokyo-Sapporo by @arizakarian


Johnny on the poster in Sapporo!

札幌駅ピラービジョンにもFaOI札幌広告!! by @chikococoa


We are so happy to be in Sapporo!! @stolbovaksenia #fantasyonice2016 by @johnnygweir


Good times with good friends . . . 

Sapporo Sushi! 🍣 @stolbovaksenia @t.verner by @johnnygweir


Sapporo has such wonderful sushi! 🍣🐠🐟🐡 by @stolbovaksenia


Day off before next shows in Sapporo. Friends, food, fun, Fantasy on and off ice. Skating family @johnnygweir and @stolbovaksenia #czechskatingacademy #fantasyonice #foi2016 #sapporo by @t.verner


 . . . but very bad bowling.

I can’t sleep so I’m sharing this with you. I lost badly at bowling to @stolbovaksenia and @t.verner last night. #confessional by @johnnygweir


Happy💕 by @esjw2


Gorgeous fan art of Johnny’s Moonlight Sonata by Ayumi.

by @ayukovon


TV commercial for FaOI in Nagano featuring Johnny!

#fantasyonice2016 #FaOI長野 #CM by @saya5341


Some wonderful person just uploaded this outstanding hi-def version of Johnny’s “My Way” exhibition program from the 2006 Torino Olympics Gala. As mesmerizing as ever . . . 

Video link.

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