Fantasy on Ice: Sapporo Scenes, Makuhari Memories

JW_FaOI-M_06-05-2016_08B-2The spectacular Johnny Weir performs his Beyoncé program at Fantasy on Ice in Makuhari. More screencaps and HD video of his performance below!

OK! While Johnny continues to wing his way home today (or not) for a very brief stay in the US before heading back to Japan (again) for the rest of the Fantasy on Ice tour, we who are not battling the nightmarish hellscape delightful whimsy that is air travel these days have a plethora of fabulousness from Japan to catch up on.

He just finished performing in FaOI Sapporo over the weekend, which was broadcast on Sunday but sadly no video has yet surfaced of this. However, one of the shows from Makuhari also was broadcast on Sunday, which turned out to be a good news/bad news kind of thing. The bad news: Johnny’s Moonlight Sonata program was cut from the broadcast in favor of his Beyoncé. The good news: Johnny’s Beyoncé was included in the broadcast! So while we continue to hope that Moonlight will make it into one of the upcoming telecasts, we have glorious coverage of his Beyoncé, a program that reduced my entire Twitter feed to nothing but endless repetitions of these two emojis after the show aired: 🍅🍑. I’m sure the reference will be quite clear to you after you see the video.

Let’s start with some gifs, courtesy of dear Elena Vasileva:







Yes, of course, we all want to scroll down to the video NOW. But first, a quick note: Johnny’s birthday is coming up July 2, and YES! We are doing a group gift this year! Even though that’s only three weeks away! Details coming in a separate blog post . . . !

Following is a bunch of Beyoncé sizzle, HD video of just Johnny—just the way we like it, and including his appearances in the opening and closing numbers of the show—and a roundup of random stuff from Sapporo. Please enjoy repeatedly. 🍅🍑


Very special thanks to Elena for nearly all of these!



































The complete broadcast of the Makuhari show with all the skaters’ performances is here: Part 1 and Part 2.

Johnny’s Beyoncé program. Absolutely dazzling.
Video link.
Alternate link.


Opening group number. Johnny is introduced at about 1:44.
Video link.
Alternate link.


Closing group number. Johnny first appears at about 0:52.
Video link.
Alternate link.


Enjoying the days off between the Makuhari and Sapporo shows.

Ну, это мы. Such wonderful days off with this beautiful woman. @stolbova_ksenia by @johnnygweir


I am so thankful for my skating family. I never laugh this much. Throwing back to a few days ago with @t.verner #throwbackthursday by @johnnygweir


First show in Sapporo.

So excited for Fantasy on Ice tonight in Sapporo! @slambiel and Shoma-kun are excited too. 🌸 #fantasyonice2016 by @johnnygweir


Johnny in the Sapporo program booklet!

札幌のパンフ。別アングルのカルメンジョニー❤️ by @hina_kinako


Post-show with gorgeous flowers.

Thank you so much for this dramatic and gorgeous bouquet my angels! So excited to be in Sapporo and have so many fans travel from far away. I love you all! #fantasyonice2016 by @johnnygweir


Second show: rehearsals.

Rocking out to @t.verner piece as the singer stand-in. Also starring @stolbova_ksenia @klimov_f @charlieawhite @meryledavis @j_butt by @johnnygweir


【Fantasy on Ice 2016 in SAPPORO】リハーサルの様子です✨ 写真:ジョニー・ウィアさん(Johnny Weir)リハ中⭐️ by @uhbevent


Behind the scenes with Johnny and Stéphane. Cannot stop watching this. Video courtesy of the Fantasy on Ice Facebook page.

Video link.



New Johnny & Steph photo via the Fantasy on Ice FB page.



This bouquet made me so happy today starring Тёма! Thank you! by @johnnygweir


(Not sure if these next two are post-show 1 or post-show 2 since because time zones.)

💋Kisses by me and Johnny from Sapporo💋 #FOI#ice#show#fantasyonice#Sapporo#kisses#friends#perfect#mood#Johnny#Weir#love#my#job#just#happy by @ksenia__korobkova


With amazing beautiful @johnnygweir 😍😍😍😍 #beautiful #figureskating #sapporo #fantasyonice #justdoit #johnnyweir by @nastyjustdoit


Final show in Sapporo: Johnny filming Stéphane at rehearsal. Dying to see this footage.

【Fantasy on Ice 2016 in SAPPORO】リハーサル✨ At rehearsal🎵写真:ジョニー・ウィア(Johnny Weir)さんとステファン・ランビエル(Stéphane Lambiel)さん⭐️ by @uhbevent


Johnny standing in for the guest singer.

【Fantasy on Ice 2016 in SAPPORO】リハーサル✨ Rehearsal🎵写真:皆さんノリノリです👍 Everyone is pumped up⭐️Johnny Weir is “singing”😎 by @UHBEVENT


Hilarious video shot and created by the lovely @meryledavis! Starring @stolbova_ksenia @t.verner @klimov_f @charlieawhite @j_butt and ME! by @johnnygweir



New post-show pic with Yuna Aoki via the Fantasy on Ice FB page.


Cast photo!

Via the Fantasy on Ice Facebook page.


After the shows: time to say goodbye for now.

Missing my little czarina so much already. @stolbova_ksenia #МыМы by @johnnygweir


Missing this guy so much! @t.verner by @johnnygweir


Bye Bye Japan! ❤️❤️❤️ @stolbova_ksenia @t.verner by @johnnygweir


Heading back to America. It will only be one week away from my beloved Japan, but it will be a long week! Thank you CIC, Fantasy On Ice Family and so many wonderful fans for a fabulous two weeks! by @johnnygweir




Beautiful Moonlight fan art from Ayumi.

Fragmentary memory of Moonlight. #FaOI2016 by @ayukovon


I love this so much.

Loving this behind-the-scenes shot from filming for “Zoolander 2” last year by @wilsonwebb. #throwbackthursday by @johnnygweir


And I love this also. ❤

2007 World was broadcasted✴❤✴❤✴ One & only 💓JOHNNY 💓 Daisuki desu 💖💗💖 by @325noane

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