Fan Project: Please Help Wish Johnny a Very Happy Birthday!

UPDATE! Please click here for the Japanese version of this post. Very special thanks to my lovely friend Yoshi-san for translating!

Johnny’s birthday is JULY 2: just a little more than three weeks away!!!

And that means yay, it’s time to launch the 2016 birthday fan project!

Well, actually we should have maybe launched this last week, but we were all spellbound by the shenanigans going on over in Japan and then we watched his Beyoncé performance like 60000000 times and then all of a sudden we looked at the calendar and went OMG and then we watched the program one more time and now here we are.

This year fans have two easy ways to help Johnny celebrate: everyone is invited to send him individual cards or small gifts through his fan mail service, AND all are welcome to participate in a super-cute and fun group gift that we hope he’ll love.


_K5A3088-3_e1A_72_wm_d1Yes, of course we would!


Here’s how to join in:

(1) Please send individual birthday wishes to Johnny via his fan mail service listed on his official website:

Johnny Weir Fan Mail
P.O. Box 32326
Chicago, IL 60632

(Please note that fan mail is limited to items that can fit inside a standard 5″ x 5.5″ USPS post office box and that do not require a signature for delivery.)


_K5A3112_e1A_72_wm_d3We can’t wait either!


(2) To contribute to the group gift, please send PayPal to No amount is too small! Deadline for contributions is tentatively Monday, June 27, at 12 midnight ET , but that may be extended if needed. The names of all contributors will be included with the gift, so please specify in your PayPal message how you’d like your name to appear on the list: full name, first name only, Twitter handle, or whatever you prefer. You also may include a brief note to Johnny if you wish.

Because we’d like the group gift to remain a surprise for Johnny, the details can’t be posted here on the blog. But here’s a hint as to our theme:


PicMonkey Collage_02


If contributions exceed the cost of the group gift—which, given the generosity of Johnny’s fans, is very likely—the remainder will go on a gift card for Johnny.

Please help spread the word throughout social media so everyone has a chance to participate! If you have any questions about the birthday gift project, please feel free to email me.


_K5A2975-3_e1C_72_wm-d3You’re very welcome. We love you, Johnny!

Exclusive photos from the Art2Skate meet-n-greet breakfast with Johnny © David Ingogly. Uncapped versions of the photos here, here, and here. More from this series coming soon!

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