Fantasy on Ice: Moonlight Magic

JW_FaOIK_Moonlight_EV_135030CBeautiful Johnny performs in Kobe to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, with live accompaniment by renowned pianist Kotaro Fukuma. Screencap courtesy of Elena Vasileva. More screencaps plus HD video of his full performance below!

I was hoping to get this post out yesterday which didn’t quite happen, but that turned out to be absolutely fine because in the overnight hours two fab Instagram clips surfaced of Johnny in Tokyo, thanks to Ari Zakarian, which are near the end of this post and were most definitely worth waiting for (no, no, don’t cheat and scroll down there yet. Just enjoy the happy anticipation . . . ).

Meanwhile, over the weekend we were indeed exceedingly blessed by the video gods, who provided FaOI broadcasts from the tour stops in Kobe and Sapporo, and yes, we have all the Johnny video moments below. We begin with his absolutely breathtaking collaboration with pianist Kotaro Fukuma on Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” which is classical Johnny at his best. He tweeted the link to the video on Saturday, but even if you’ve already seen it, please savor it again here. It’s one of those performances that bears watching over and over, and because it’s so beautiful and we’ve been so desperate to see it since he premiered it in Makuhari at the end of May, the video immediately follows the screencaps below so you don’t have to wade all the way to the end of the blog to be mesmerized.

But first, we have exciting news items:

(1) Johnny is a celebrity guest on the summer season of Cupcake Wars! His episode premieres Monday, July 18, at 8 pm ET on Food Network, so be sure to tune in or set those DVRs:

JW_CupcakeWars_07-2016_promo01G-2_1024Image via Johnny’s official website.


(2) Also just announced earlier today: Johnny returns to China in July forAmazing on Ice,” the tour previously known as Artistry on Ice. This year there will be one performance only, on Friday, July 15, in Beijing. Bring on the Weibocalypse . . . !

And now, onto all the amazingness that is Fantasy on Ice. The tour concludes with three performances at the final stop in Nagano this weekend, with more broadcasts to come (TV schedule in this post).


Very special thanks to Elena Vasileva for these!



















Acknowledging his masterful accompanist and partner in the program . . . 

IMG_20160620_124759AVia @papa_ge_na.


IMG_20160620_124804AVia @papa_ge_na.


IMG_20160620_124808AVia @papa_ge_na.


The complete broadcast of the Kobe show with all the skaters’ performances is here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Johnny’s Moonlight Sonata performance, Kobe.

Video link
Alternate links here and here..


Johnny’s Beyoncé Medley, Kobe.

Video link.
Alternate link.


The opening group number, Kobe.

Johnny’s intro starts at about 2:26.
Video link.


The finale, Kobe.

Video link.


The opening group number, Sapporo.

Johnny’s intro starts at about 2:11.
Video link.


The finale, Sapporo. (Johnny’s individual programs from Sapporo have not yet been made available, but we’re still hoping!)

Video link


Bonus Kobe vid: This is the group number that immediately followed the opening, featuring Stéphane Lambiel, Brian Joubert, Nobunari Oda, and others. Johnny’s not in this one, but the live music by the Yoshida Brothers is so amazing that it’s a must-see.

Video link.
More about the Yoshida Brothers here.


Johnny and Stéphane with David Wilson, Johnny’s choreographer for the Vancouver Olys.

Fantasy on Ice 2016 Kobe with my boys!! by @itsmedwlsn


FaOI cast members take time out to wish a happy birthday to Snow King makeup artist Karina Grigoryants.

❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍спасибо моим дорогим и любимым @ksenia__korobkova @tatkaroz @alex_jakushin @kostagavrin @johnnygweir !!!!!!🎉🎉🎉 #деньрождения #лето #друзья #семья #любовь by @karina_grigoryants


Candid shot in Kobe!

ジョニー今日も頑張って❣️ by @esjw2


Johnny on the billboard outside the arena in Kobe . . . 

着いた〜…暑い☀️ #fantasyonice #fantasyonice2016 by @ryoko201


 . . . and his page in the Kobe program booklet, now updated with pics from the previous tour stops!

パンフジョニー詰め合わせ💕 by @hina_kinako


Rehearsal shenanigans with Stéphane . . . 

Fantasy on Ice Kobe day 2! @slambiel by @johnnygweir


 . . . and with Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov.

Via the Fantasy on Ice Facebook page.


Enjoying random Hello Kitty cakes with opera singer Norie Suzuki . . . 

Via Norie’s blog.


 . . .  and Nobunari Oda.

Via Norie’s blog.


Backstage with Norie . . . 

Via the Fantasy on Ice Facebook page.


 . . . and with Miki Ando. Gorgeous rose crowns are gifts from the lovely Machiko-san.

Via the Fantasy on Ice Facebook page.


Thank you for another wonderful rose crown Machiko-san! by @johnnygweir


A Johnny banner gets his autograph!

ジョニーのモフモフバナーがやっとサイン入りになりました〜!!わーい\(^o^)/✨ #johnnyweir #FaOI #fantasyonice #kobe by @ryoko201


Johnny posts a closeup look at his stunning footwork sequence from Moonlight . . . 

Beautiful work from @kotarofsky! There’s nothing like skating with live music. #fantasyonice2016 by @johnnygweir


 . . . and thanks to the amazing Kotaro Fukuma.

The man who makes the moonlight magic happen, the incomparable @kotarofsky! Thank you my friend. 🌝🌹🎹 by @johnnygweir


One more gorgeous Moonlight screencap edit.

ジョニー、まさに”ルツェルン湖の月光の波に揺らぐ小舟”に降り立った月の精のように美しかったです….+ ゜* ・゜ by @lily_shenka


From last night in Tokyo: the FaOI cast enjoys a meal out . . . 

FOI-2016 #Japan #figureskating by @arizakarian


 . . . and the karaoke stylings of Anna Cappellini and Johnny.

Audition for #voice #foi2016 FOI-2016 #figureskating by @arizakarian


Photo taken during the week he was back in the US in between Fantasy on Ice tour dates. Love the caption. See more of his look on his Instagram here and here.

The Fabulous Johnny Weir! Talented, Strong and Beautiful. ❤️😎⛸🏹⭐️⭐️⭐️. #photooftoday #setlife #fashionphotography #beauty #studiophotography #johnnyweir #olympian #superstar by


Throwback pic of Johnny at The Blonds, NYFW, September 2013. For a refresher on his entire outfit, which he described as “inspired by getting punched by a marshmallow,” please click here. Please also enjoy a blurry but adorable video clip of him at the show here.

@johnnygweir #johnnyweir #NYC September 2013. 📷 for @luxsure #nyfw @nyfw #nyc #SS14 #fashion #FashionWeek #moda #mode #runway #catwalk #défilé #luxe #luxury #style #highheels #womenswear #MadeFW #MilkStudios #TheBlonds by @macsurak

REMINDER: Please join in to help wish Johnny a very happy birthday July 2! Details in this post.

!!JW_102576989 (2)E2_03

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