Fantasy on Ice: ‘We Will Never Forget These Precious Memories’

JW_WFS_07-08-2016_01Beautiful Johnny graces the cover of the upcoming issue of World Figure Skating in this shot from the Fantasy on Ice 2016 tour. The magazine, available July 8 and featuring an exclusive interview with Johnny, can be preordered now through Amazon Japan.

UPDATE! New section of gorgeous bonus pics from FaOI Kobe and Nagano have been added to the end of this post!

So for awhile there it seemed like the incredible Fantasy on Ice tour would just happily continue forever (catch up on all the fabulousness here, here, here, and especially here, where we have video of Johnny’s beautiful Moonlight Sonata program), with endless adorable Johnny & Stéphane shenanigans, video surprises popping up randomly, and Johnny casually throwing triple axels everywhere, possibly including in his sleep (see interview below), and yet suddenly here we are and it’s over and we’re all like this:



So in today’s wrap-up, we begin with the latest fab videos that have come out of the tour (and maybe even more on the way, with additional FaOI broadcasts scheduled for July 2, July 9, and July 17), take a photo tour backstage and off-ice, and end with the beautiful exchange of love and thanks between Johnny and his beloved Japanese fans.

It’s been a spectacular month. Next up: Johnny heads to China for Amazing on Ice July 15, breezes onto our TVs for Food Network’s Cupcake Wars July 18, and returns to Sun Valley for his annual star turn in Sun Valley on Ice July 23. I’m looking forward to all of it, but the rest of this week, I’ll still be savoring all the brilliant moments we saw from Fantasy on Ice . . . 




UPDATE! Johnny’s performance from the final tour stop in Nagano. No Moonlight Sonata in the broadcast, sadly, but yet another amazing Beyoncé!

Video link
Alternate link.


Johnny’s wonderful interview on Japanese TV.

Video link.


Opening number from the rebroadcast of the Kobe show, with new backstage footage.

Video link.
Alternate link.


Johnny’s Beyoncé from the Kobe rebroadcast, which begins with a new brief backstage clip. The performance is the same as the video here, but once I got started watching I couldn’t stop, so here it is again.

Video link.
Alternate link.


YES: Johnny’s Beyoncé from Sapporo!

Video link.


And finally, more Johnny & Stéphane ICYMI, courtesy of the Fantasy on Ice Facebook page.

Video link.


Big shirts and blue shirts! Photos courtesy of Machiko-san.









NEW! Inimitable style, as always.

可愛いなこの背中 by @esjw2


On the FaOI bus with Nobunari Oda and choreographer Kenji Miyamoto.

Via Oda’s blog.


Family portrait from rehearsals.

Dream Team ready for the first #foi2016 #iceshow in Nagano!!! #volosozhartrankov #nagano #ontheice #rehersals #cast #fantasyonice #stephanelambiel #iliakulik #CappelliniLanotte #jefreybuttle #javierfernandez #mikiando #akikosuzuki #nobunarioda #johnnyweir by @fire_bird


The display on the concourse of fabulous fan stuff to buy, including Johnny magazines, books, and autographed items.

【会場販売】ファンタジーオンアイス2016長野公演本日開幕です! WFSの他ランビエルやウィアー関連商品を取り揃え出店中です! ウィアーさんの直筆サイン入り書籍、サイン入りカード付きDVDも販売します。ぜひお立ち寄りください。(販) by @wfs_jp


Closeup of the Johnny goodies!

【会場販売】ファンタジーオンアイス2016 長野公演 会場のビッグハットにて、WFS関連商品を今日も販売中です!ジョニー・ウィアーさんの直筆サイン入り数量限定商品もあります。ご来場の際はぜひお立ち寄りください。(販売担当) by @wfs_jp


Johnny’s pages in the Nagano program booklet, newly updated again with photos from the previous FaOI tour stops.

パンフはお初の月光ジョニー。 by @ugachan0723


長野パンフジョニー詰め合わせ💖 新しい写真ばかりでした! by @hina_kinako


The Johnny & Oda Preshow Show, via the Fantasy on Ice Facebook page.









Johnny and Le Joubert.

Via the Fantasy on Ice Facebook page.


Via the Fantasy on Ice Facebook page.


With JPop star Kaname Kawabata, who performed with the tour.

長野初日にCDを渡した際JOHNNY WEIRさんとパシャリ📷✨ みなさん後半も楽しんでくださいねー💪( ̄^ ̄)ゞ要 by @kawabata1979


Post-show with beautiful rose crown. Crown and photos that follow courtesy of Machiko-san.



Signing autographs for fans at Nagano station . . . 





( . . . his shoes!) . . . 



 . . . and preparing to enjoy his favorite: soba!





そば! 🍤 by @johnnygweir


Time to say goodbye. Photo courtesy of Machiko-san.



Thank you for a mesmerizing Fantasy on Ice season Japan! Ive loved every moment with you! Thank you @mattii_7 for the wonderful rose crown! 🌹 by @johnnygweir


Final cast photo in Nagano.

Via the Fantasy on Ice Facebook page.


The day he left Japan, Johnny Instagrammed a heartfelt “thank you” in Japanese to his fans:

❤️❤️❤️ by @johnnygweir


He also tweeted this:


And here’s just a tiny sample of the beautiful replies to him on Twitter. The responses in the comments on his Instagram are equally sweet and lovely.



















by @esjw2


All photos in this section are slightly huuuuge and are courtesy of Japanese Johnny’s Angels. Arigato!

Flashback to Kobe with bonus enormous bouquet:











And two lovely pics from Nagano:





Johnny then and now: from 2008 and 2016. Still mesmerizing on the ice, still capturing fans’ hearts wherever he performs . . . 

2008年の表紙から8年。WFSジョニーさん、美しい。 by @bisenco


Amazing fan art from a jewelry artist in Japan.

Red…..🌹🌹❤️ 塗り失敗して溶剤で溶かしてます😂😂😂 This is just a FAN ART,not for sale. #johnnyweir #fantasyonice2016 #faoi #faoi2016 #faoi2015#pendant #skates by @itozacra


ジョニー。 昨年のcreep。 好きなプログラムはたくさんありますが、このスカートがフワっと広がる美しいジャンプを刻印してみたくて…! そしてずっと作ってみたかった、深紅の靴底😍🌹🌹🌹 お気に入りです💓 (スケーターモチーフの作品は全て非売品です。 ご本人やファンの皆さまに観て楽しんでいただければ幸いです💐) The pendant is my work featuring skater’s silhouette. I love FaOI! The feelings let me make it. It is fan art, that’s why it is not for sale certainly. #faoi #fantasyonice2016 #ファンタジーオンアイス#johnnyweir #mikiando#安藤美姫#鈴木明子#福間洸太朗 #kotarofukuma#akikosuzuki #stephanelambiel #jeffreybuttle #philippecandeloro #faoi2016#faoi2015 by @itozacra


And gorgeous throwback fan art.

❤💎 #JohnnyWeir by @makarena_ro

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