#TaraandJohnnyTakeRio, Week 1 — Of Wine, Rio & Piddle

UPDATES! Scroll down for Johnny & Tara’s complete Snapchat commentary from the Rio Opening Ceremony, plus their Facebook Live Q&A sessions and new Instagram Stories!

OK! Today is the day: the Rio 2016 Summer Games officially kick off tonight with the Opening Ceremony at 7:30 pm ET / 6:30 pm CT. Which means it is being broadcast with a slightly inexplicable one-hour tape delay by NBC rather than live, a decision that was immediately met with withering scorn that continues unabated (with tips on how to get around it if you wish).

Personally I’m side-eyeing a bit harder at this NBC decision:

Tomorrow night while the world celebrates the opening of the Rio Olympics, join us on Snapchat! by @taraandjohnny


Yes, rather than have Johnny & Tara front and center (or even a little off to the side but still uncomfortably close to Bob Costas) commenting on the pageantry and fashion of the Opening Ceremony, which would certainly seem to be a natural fit for them and a superb use of their turn-on-a-dime wit and chemistry, NBC has chosen to leave them in their hotel rooms to cover the event on Snapchat.


Ironically, this announcement came on the same day that media giant Forbes published an excellent and now-viral article titled “Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski Are the Future of Sports Commentating.” An excerpt:

Just like live sports action is evolving in its delivery and presentation, so is the business of commenting on sports.

That future is being led — in a hugely successful way — by Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski. I recall watching the former ice skaters–Lipinski won gold at the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano and Weir is a three-time U.S. champion–during the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi when they debuted.

They were extremely informative and fun, had great chemistry, but not overbearing. In short, their focus was about making their commentary enjoyable for viewers, not about impressing the audience with how much they knew, could say, or taking themselves too seriously. Hey, I’m no big ice skating fan–but I loved it! So did my wife and then seven-year-old daughter. The talent of Weir and Lipinski captured three very different audiences in one house.

They both are big social media stars, too, an extremely important facet for connecting with younger audiences.  . . .  Totally engaged with their audiences, Weir and Lipinski are the perfect fit.

Great brands–especially for commentators–travel well regardless of the sport. So it was a smart move by NBC to use the duo for this past Super Bowl.

Now, NBC Sports is using Lipinski and Weir to cover fashion for the Rio Summer Olympics. Kudos to NBC for realizing what the two bring to the table. They are the future. The rest of us can learn a lot from them.

Anyhoo, we will of course preserve their Snapchatting (see Snaps below — now UPDATED with their Opening Ceremony commentary!), which is sure to be both insightful and brilliantly wine-soaked lolarious, and update this post with Snaps videos ASAP in between penning thoughtful, polite, but determined tweets to NBC likely containing the above meme and offering helpful suggestions as to how to avoid such perplexing decisions throughout the rest of the 462 weeks of coverage this month.

Meanwhile, our beloved Glitter Twins made a sudden surprise appearance on the live NBC Sports Network telecast yesterday during some random soccer match [insert apology to devout soccer fans here], the video of which NBC then uploaded but made it (1) shorter than the broadcast version, and (2) impossible to watch from various random countries or to embed anywhere at all. Because that’s certainly how you embrace the idea of open, unfettered access to the Olympics across multiple media platforms.

So here is the full version of their on-air appearance, with tremendous thanks to video ninja Jenn Kittler:

Video link.


And here’s the shortened web-upload version, with equally heartfelt thanks to video ninja Elena Vasileva. In case you’d like to watch the fun and adorableness all over again in concentrated form.

Video link.

Also yesterday, they released Episode 3 of their wonderful new podcast, which is ONE HOUR long which I thought might be a bit daunting to get through but that was just silly of me. The entire hour is absolutely hilarious and I loved every minute.

Johnny glam from Wednesday . . . 

Look of the Day: VEST @generalidea_official SHORT @dgnakofficial SHOE @yohjiyamamotoofficial EAR @joomilim Hair @mariolazysk Face @alexisdaymakeup by @johnnygweir


 . . . working on the podcast with Tara (note headphones worn on the back of his head in an attempt to avoid smashing his gloriously high hair) . . . 

Recorded episode 3 of “Tara and Johnny” today. Can’t wait to share it with guys! #taraandjohnnytakerio @taralipinski @johnnygweir by @taraandjohnny


 . . . and here’s the finished product! I especially love Johnny talking about his parents, and the utterly random Blue Apron commercial they do at about 21:00, for which they put on their “advertising voices” and throughout which Johnny sounds like he’s trying so so hard not to totally crack up.

Also: I now await the promised “winecast” with tingly anticipation.

I love them so much. If you haven’t listened to this episode yet, DO. IT. NOW. I literally laughed out loud through the whole thing.


Next podcast will be recorded tomorrow, per Johnny & Tara during their LIVE appearance on Facebook earlier today, in which they were fabulously awesome:

Video link.
Alternate link.


So awesome that screencaps were needed. Special thanks to lovely Junko Mi for these!









NEW! Their second Facebook Live session from Saturday:

Video link.
Alternate link.


Latest Snapchats (see this post for their previous Snaps):

Video link.


Video link.


NEW! Their complete Snapchat commentary from the Opening Ceremony:

Best moments: Johnny reveals his secret crush at about 1:44; Andrea Joyce photobombs, 1:55; “the awkward shoes of Deutschland,” 6:23; Rutledge Wood (“We love wine!”), 7:39; headbands, 8:10; and their heartfelt thank-yous to their parents for supporting their Olympic dreams at about 5:26.
Video link.


AND ALSO NEW! They’re now using Instagram Stories:

Video link.


Johnny glam from Thursday:

Look of the Day: ROMPER @motoguo BROOCH @ericksonbeamon RINGS @joomilim WEDGE @rickowensonline HAIR @mariolazysk FACE @alexisdaymakeup by @johnnygweir


Random Johnny sighting from Friday:

Nice shoes, @JohnnyGWeir. 🇺🇸 #Rio2016 @WXII by @briannealnews


Latest Mommy video. Wait for it . . . right about at 00:12 . . .  #bonnet #dying #dead

Mommy x. Exercise by @taraandjohnny


Desperate to see this commercial . . . 

SOOO much fun shooting our @nbctv @olympics commercial with the fabulous @johnnygweir ! Cackled all day long- look for it during the games in #rio2016 by @jillkargman


Well, gymnasts they’re not. But masters of physical comedy? Yes.

Ok so our balance beam was about twice the width of a real balance beam. Not so easy. We don’t know how they do it. We will be sticking to the ice. @johnnygweir @taralipinski by @taraandjohnny


And finally, in preparation for tonight’s Opening Ceremony: Johnny in Torino, February 2006. I could watch this all day . . .  So proud of him always. ❤

So excited for the opening ceremony today in Rio. The memory of walking into that stadium still gives me goosebumps. Go Team World! #olympics #rio2016 by @johnnygweir

Post headline from Johnny’s Instagram. :)

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