#SkateAmerica: The Dream Team Returns and They Are All the Way Up

jw_skaam_10-23-2016_01Uncle Terry, Tara, and Johnny at Skate America 2016 via Tara’s Instagram. So good to have the Dream Team back on my TV!

Our Skate America recap, which features an inexplicable dearth of fan photos from the arena (how is this possible?? What were you people doing?), begins with this 2008 photo Instagrammed by Johnny and captioned:

With Skate America this weekend, I thought I’d throw back to my singular appearance at the event where I was obviously thrilled to have not won. #throwbackthursday #MommyHatesIt



Upon his arrival in Chicago, Johnny soothed those bitter memories by . . . immediately going shopping, of course . . . 

Thanks for getting me autumn ready @adelaideusa! ❤️ by @johnnygweir


 . . . after which he dove headfirst into Skate America Research Mode.

Thinking cap on and studying all the skaters bios. #skateamerica2016 by @johnnygweir

Friday: in his Czar-ist Coat of Many Colors at the super-glam Sears Centre Arena, surveying the skating peasantry.

And so it begins. ⛸ #skateamerica2016 @nbcsports by @johnnygweir


Soon he was joined by his beautiful partner-in-crime and her fiancé ToddKap, here helping to illustrate Johnny’s definition of the ladies’ competition — “brass knuckles in velvet gloves” — for random people at Starbucks.

Warming up for the ladies short programs! @taralipinski @johnnygweir @toddkap #skateamerica2016 by @taraandjohnny


Covering the Ladies’ SP that night with Uncle Terry.

@TaraandJohnny conferring with Terry Gannon by @skatingclubofny


Broadcast Day 1: pre-camera parking lot hijinks, and first mention of the weekend’s theme: ‘All the Way Up.’

You wouldn’t know it, but we are aggressively posing to “All the Way Up” #SkateAmerica @johnnygweir by @taralipinski


Spotted in the arena!

I spy @NBCSports Always fun to see our fellow commentators in action. #SkateAmerica by @mikemancuso1323



Showtime: ready to commentate the Ladies’ Free Skate.

Look of the Day: JACKET Vintage SHIRT @limedrop PANT Vintage CHOKER @joomilim WATCH @chopard BOOT Vintage FACE/HAIR @niasjoymakeup by @johnnygweir


Aaaand they’re live on the air!















I really feel like these last two screencaps need captions, preferably from Tara’s point of view.





Broadcast Day 2: Stoking up on Starbucks after a night of terror (literally).

The morning of…WATCH us today on @nbcsports at 12:30 EST @taralipinski @johnnygweir @niasjoymakeup @toddkap by @taraandjohnny


“Where are we?” “All the Way Up!”

All the way up. @taralipinski @johnnygweir @toddkap @folgers by @taraandjohnny


In the broadcast booth prior to the Men’s Free Skate. Thank Weirsus for my dear friend Chris Krafft, who was on site and aware of our desperate need for photos.

At #SkateAmerica watching @JohnnyGWeir @TaraandJohnny in the @NBCSports booth. Johnny looks amazing!!! by @Chris.


by @Chris.


by @Chris.


Showtime 2: All the Way Up for the Men’s Free.

Look of the Day: BLAZER @veronicabeard SHIRT @iroparis NECK @joomilim LEATHERS @rtabrand SHOE @louisleemandesign HAIR/FACE @niasjoymakeup by @johnnygweir


Live on the air once again.


















Any TV team worth their salt knows to blink in unison. @taralipinski @taraandjohnny by @johnnygweir


And that’s a wrap until next time — which would be this Sunday, October 30, 5 pm ET on NBC with Skate Canada (and Yuzu!).

Had an amazing time at #SkateAmerica!! The talent this year was amazing once again. Time for one final embrace and then back on the road. Travel worry-free like us– check the link in our bio! by @taraandjohnny


Ladies’ Free: just the Dream Team part.
Video link.


Ladies’ Free, part 1, including short program recap.
Video link.


Ladies’ Free, part 2. Mariah Bell skates beginning at about 0:41; Mai Mihara at about 7:16; Ashley Wagner at about 15:54; and Gracie Gold at about 20:45.
Video link.


Men’s Free: just the Dream Team part.
Video link.


Men’s Free , part 1, including short program recap.
Video link.


Men’s Free, part 2.
Video link.


Men’s Free, Part 3. Adam Rippon skates beginning at about 0:51; Shoma Uno at about 7:15; and Jason Brown at about 15:57.
Video link.


Men’s Free: bonus Dream Team wrap-up!
Video link.


jw_tl_podcast_10-20-2016_01Gorgeous shot of Johnny and Tara at work on the podcast in Los Angeles, tweeted by their executive producer, Jason Groman.


jwv_retirement_10-2013_09e_1024Three years ago this week, Johnny retired from competitive skating and wrote this beautiful statement. His artistry, grace, presence, and unmatched gift on competitive ice are still missed . . .  💎 Image via Johnny’s official website.


This is very very cool and I would kill to go . . . 

jw_bryantpark_11-2016_promo_01g_border2Image via Johnny’s official website.

Very special thanks as always to beloved video ninja Jenn Kittler for her invaluable help!

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