The Honorable Johnny Weir: ‘The Most Beautiful Figure Skater in the World’

jw_bpnyc_11-01-2016_10aJohnny with two very lucky young skaters in his official debut appearance as the first-ever Bank of America Winter Village Skating Ambassador / Ambassadress (as he calls himself in his speech below) at Bryant Park, NYC. Photo via Stuart Ramson, whose caption pleases me greatly: ‘World Champion #iceskater #johnnyweir kicks off the season at the #bankofamericawintervillageatbryantpark opening ceremony.’

Kayso here’s a ton of coverage of Johnny’s inaugural outing as the first-ever Bank of America Winter Village Skating Ambassador / Ambassadress because he was brilliant and lovely and kind and all the things a Skating Ambassador should be, and I loved everything people posted, especially their descriptions of him, so I couldn’t bear to cut anything so here you go. Also we have exclusive video, of both his speech and his performance, plus a zillion short clips from every conceivable angle. And we have him referred to variously as “World Champion,” “Olympic Gold Medalist,” “great Olympian,” “spectacular and gracious,” “amazing,” “perfect,” and, as noted in the headline, “the most beautiful figure skater in the world.” I’m not sure he always understands how much he is loved and respected by people from all walks of life, so I’m thrilled whenever there’s a flood of goodwill that comes his way via one of these types of events. So if you need me, I’ll just be here all day, hiding from the election in this wonderful winter garden of happy with our dazzling Skating Ambassador.

Note: the astonishing amount of stuff below is arranged in roughly the order in which it happened: his rehearsal, his speech, his performance to ‘Creep,’ the ribbon-cutting to officially open the rink for the season, and the brief kid skating session.

UPDATE! New pics added below from this article, plus more!


Via George Franchell.


Via George Franchell.


Via Chris Black.



by @nyatuspies


We caught @johnnygweir warming up for the 5:30pm Grand Opening Ceremony of the @bryantparknyc #wintervillage! Phenomenal!! ⛸👏🏻⛸👏🏻⛸🙌🏻 by @thepodhotels


Ice skating in Midtown can make your trip to the dentist magical. #iceskating #shotoniphone7plus #nyc 💖❄️⛸🌆 by @mikellk


Amazing slow-motion clip.

❄️⛸❄️⛸ #shotoniphone7plus #nyc #iceskating by @mikellk


Some mild stalking of @johnnygweir #flawless #wintervillagebryantpark #nyc by @elisaholland




#bryantpark #iamhyattcentrictsq the rink is officially open #happywinter #johnnyweir by @dreaowen913



Johnny’s speech! Exclusive video thanks to Jenn Kittler.
Video link.



And so it begins #wintervillage @bryantparknyc @johnnygweir #iceskating #nyc #newyork #happy by @poopiej


That black almost a cloud like motion in the middle is actually an Olympian ice skating ⛸⛸⛸ . . . #bryantpark #iceskating #openingceremony #olympiandancing #johnnyweir by @hinali17


by @SI Live



A shot of @johnnygweir from the press box at the opening of @bryantparknyc Winter Village last night! Beautiful performance! #bryantpark #johnnyweir #bryantparkwintervillage #bankofamerica #figureskating #olympian #skateambassadress by @kccioffi


Post-work field trip to see @johnnygweir, followed by way too much free food. Eighteen year old me was very excited #hashbrownnofilter #bryantpark #wintervillagebryantpark #johnnyweir #figureskating #nyc by @rachelbbbbb


The perks of living in NYC as told by Olympic Gold Medalist @johnnygweir by @_kapes


What a treat to see @johnnygweir skate tonight! ⛸❄️✨ by @theincrdblhulse


Johnny Weir skating at the opening of Bryant Park’s Winter Village. by @glennrubenstein


@JohnnyGWeir @bryantparknyc 11.1.2016 👏😊💜 (as b4, ‘Creep’ by radiohead my fav, bt ths version 👍 esp w/JWG interpretation 👌) by @ de0anima


by @ de0anima


by @ de0anima


Johnny @johnnygweir i missed you so much 💙 #bryantpark #johnnyweir #ilovefigureskating by @smeysa


Любите ли вы Джонни Вейра так, как люблю его я? :) by @dirty.tu


Johnny weir was perfect and I lm so happy by @elvendorks


by @SI Live



#bryantparknyc #bryantpark #iceskating #wintervillage #skating #manhattan #nycphotographer #nyc #nikon #nikonphotography #nikonphoto #nikonworld #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #sigmaphoto #sigma70200f28 #newyorkcity #photography #photooftheday #portrait #nikond600pic #photographylovers #photographyislifee #figureskating by @marcus_beasley_photography



always SUCH a pleasure to see @JohnnyGWeir skate. #wintervillage by @bydaysbreak


Enjoy a minute of the great Olympian @JohnnyGWeir at the opening of @BankofAmerica #wintervillage @bryantparknyc by @JeffBarkerNY


Just #johnnyweir in a sensible black rehearsal skirt. Love him and moments like this in #nyc #creep by @effingtrackerjacker


#surprise #2016 #bryantpark #winter #wintervillage #skating #johnnyweir Came across this grand opening for BOA winter village, so glad to see his performance⛸⛸⛸❄️❄️❄️ by @missmangomo


Opening day at Bryant Park Winter Village with Johnny Weir by @allie_wallie2


So happy that I got to see Johnny Weir skate at Bryant Park tonight! by @rinlins


#wintervillagebryantpark by @lucilenec38


Johnny Weir performing as the official ambassador for Bryant Park skate rink. by @explosionlimit


He is the most beautiful figure skater in the world. I looooove him so much💖💖💖 #bryantpark #iceskating #johnnygweir #amazing #love❤️ #nyc #newyork #ニューヨーク by @hanpenn55


プロのアイススケート選手がセレモニーで初滑りしてたんだけど、イケメンすぎた👼🏻#johnnyweir #bryantpark #iceskating #wintervillage by @mu301


Johnny Weir performing in Bryant park. This was amazing by @schmeagers


#bryantparkiceskating #grandopening #⛸ #💝 #👑 #awesome #☻ #Johnnyweir #usa #🇺🇸 by @bk_moon



And one more from the man himself:

Heaven is NYC+@kimnicky+Skirt+Ice. Thank you @bryantparknyc and @bankofamerica for these wonderful moments in my life. 📽@xstagee by @johnnygweir



Johnny’s complete performance. Exclusive video thanks again to Jenn Kittler!
Video link.


Alternate angle.
Video link.


And the complete event prior to the ribbon cutting from yet another angle, via CurbedNY. Johnny is introduced beginning at about 0:33 and gives his speech at about 2:03. Team Image Synchronized Skating performs at about 3:17, and Johnny performs “Creep’ at about 8:40.


I’m just gonna say it, @JohnnyGWeir is a national treasure. by @thechangeu12c


by @thechangeu12c


And the Bank of America Winter Village at @bryantparknyc is now open! Big thank you to Skating Ambassador, @johnnygweir for joining us and kicking off the evening. (Stuart Ramson / AP Images for Bank of America) by @ttcgram


Grand opening performance & ribbon cutting at #LUMANYC’s neighbors, the #wintervillage at #bryantpark, with #SkatingAmbassador @johnnygweir! Thanks to @bankofamerica for making #NewYorkCity’s only FREE #iceskating rink possible! Enjoy eats, ice & shops! 🎥 courtesy of @bryantparknyc #⛸ #❄️ #LUMANYC #💡🌃🍎 #nyc #newyork #winter #holiday #midtown by @lumahoteltimessquare


by @SI Live


Via Irving Ezzy Larios.


As always, everyone wants a pic with Johnny.

Grand opening with our favorite, the incomparable @johnnygweir! #wintervillage ❄️⛄️ #todayinbryantpark #winteriscoming #skate #nyc by @nina10003


First skate of the season, opening of the ice rink, no video of The Official Johnny G. Weir because he did something to my phone, my guess is that my phone couldn’t take his mojo. by @Irving Ezzy Larios


Got so lucky to meet Johnny Weir at the opening of Bryant Park Ice Rink!!! by @ice_skater_jackie


Johnny Weirの演技をこんな近くで観れるなんて、NY来てよかった✨ #johnnyweir #bryantpark #nyc #manhattan #figureskating #ニューヨーク #感動した #美しかった #ジョニーウィアー by @emitks


@johnnygweir at #wintervillage in Bryant Park. Spectacular and gracious! by @asyablue


After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, our two lucky young skaters from the lead photo above got to skate around the rink with Johnny.

jw_jk_bpnyc_11-01-2016_01Exclusive photo courtesy of Jenn Kittler.


jw_jk_bpnyc_11-01-2016_02Exclusive photo courtesy of Jenn Kittler.


jw_jk_bpnyc_11-01-2016_03Exclusive photo courtesy of Jenn Kittler.


jw_jk_bpnyc_11-01-2016_04Exclusive photo courtesy of Jenn Kittler.


jw_jk_bpnyc_11-01-2016_05Exclusive photo courtesy of Jenn Kittler.


Beautiful, as always! You are the best! by @thebettycollection


by @de0anima


by @SI Live


by @SI Live


With the Team Image synchro skaters.

Fantastic performance by @johnnygweir at the Bank of America Winter Village opening at @bryantparknyc. ⛸ by @ttcgram


And at the end of the evening, The Honorable Ambassador / Ambassadress posted a shot of the Winter Village from an amazing vantage point.

What a wonderful time tonight at my favorite place to skate in New York, @bryantparknyc by @johnnygweir


The only election post I’ve enjoyed for months. Also this was geotagged “Downtown Chicago State Street.” If anyone knows their way around an election, it would be my city.

by @kingpimpmillionaire

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  1. Chris
    November 2, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    Thank you for the fabulous post! Jenn K you lucky lady!!! Thank you for the vids. The slow motion spin is unbelievable! Just watching it over and over!

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