Friday Potpourri: #SkateCanada, Oly Prep, and Nipples to Jesus

UPDATE: Due to an unfortunate snafu in which viewers tuned into NBCSN on Sunday, November 6, for Rostelecom Cup / Cup of Russia Dream Team coverage only to see cars driving in circles due to a NASCAR rain delay, the Cup of Russia broadcast has been RESCHEDULED. It will now air on NBCSN Tuesday, November 8, 7 pm ET / 6 pm CT. So if, like me, you’re desperately looking to avoid #Election2016 coverage, please enjoy JT&T’s Cup of Russia commentary with me Tuesday evening!

OK! Here at last is Johnny and Tara’s commentary from Skate Canada — just in time for all of us to get ready for Cup of Russia, which airs this Sunday, November 6, at 10 pm ET / 9 pm CT on NBCSN rather than NBC. Their Russia commentary will re-air on NBC later this month as a recap, on Saturday, November 26, 4 pm ET / 3 pm CT.

IMPORTANT NOTE: in the US, we return to Standard time November 6 at 2 am, so please be sure to set all your clocks BACK one hour so you don’t miss the Glitter Twins!


jw_tl_podcast_10-29-2016_03Photo via Jason Groman, executive producer of the ‘Tara and Johnny’ podcast (subscribe now!). Uncapped version here.


We begin with the obligatory screencaps, of which there are only a few because the whole Skate Canada broadcast was like five minutes long. I love you, NBC, but please, we want MORE Johnny & Tara (& Terry) & skating, not less. Also: I was really hoping for JT&T commentary on Yuzu’s programs. But no. Maybe during the NHK Trophy broadcast November 27 . . . ?

First up: Uncle Terry gets his name in lights. Details on very tall Johnny’s stunning look, which I could not love more (the necklace!) are here, along with Johnny’s masterful takedown of an Internet troll in the comments.















BTS pic from their makeup artist.

Makeup on these two lovelies early this morning @taraandjohnny #taraandjohnny #areyouwearingstilts #nbcsports #figureskating #makeupartist by @jpro_makeup



Just the Dream Team part.
Video link.


Skate Canada, part 1.
Video link.


And Skate Canada, part 2.
Video link.


So as the Tara & Johnny juggernaut rolls on (BTW they hit ONE MILLION listens on their podcast this week on AudioBoom alone, just a little over three months after launching. And during October, four of the top ten most-listened-to podcast episodes across all NBC Sports podcasts were T&J episodes), Johnny was part of a conference at NBC Sports yesterday aimed at planning the network’s coverage of the upcoming three Olympics in Asia: PyeongChang Winter Games in 2018, Tokyo Summer Games in 2020, and Beijing Winter Games in 2022. Here are three sneak peeks, all of which include the bearded and bespectacled Jim Bell, executive producer of NBC Olympics:

The amazing Johnny Weir met with OUT members at NBC Sports to talk Olympics in #Pyeongchang2018 #Tokyo2020 & #beijing2022 🏳️‍🌈 #prideNBCU by @OUTNBCUniversal


The photo projected on the screen below is from Johnny’s trip to Japan in 2012 as a Goodwill Sporting Ambassador on behalf of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, where he co-hosted a skating clinic with Miki Ando for young skaters. Original photo and more coverage in the blog archive.

Very inspiring & exciting panel discussion about the next 3 Olympics in Asia that we’ll cover on @nbcolympics! by @johnnygweir


NBC Olympics Asian Preview .. selfie with Johnny Weir and EP Jim Bell #nbcolympics by @bobbiloo


So this popped up yesterday, in which “Team USA Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir visits the Olympic Channel studios to bring his commentating flair to his epic Vancouver 2010 performance,” according to the video description. Which, for many of us, is not a moment that lends itself to a light comedic touch (nearly seven years ago now. Too soon still? Yes. Too soon). But true professional that he is, Johnny does a very entertaining job with what had to be a rather challenging assignment. He’s absolutely delightful and that smile is everything. Also he calls himself, “the People’s Princess,” and describes his final pose as “nipples to Jesus.” It’s two minutes of Johnny at his best, with humor, grace, and dignity. One commenter wrote: “Johnny has a delicate and beautifully emotional artistic style. But as a person he seems like one of the strongest people in skating and beyond. Just love.” (Note: you have to click through to watch on YouTube itself, because while the Olympic Channel will let me embed this here, they won’t let it play here. OK then.)

Video link.
Gorgeous screencap here.


I love when people meet him and discover that he’s even more lovely than they hoped.

Real life encounters:) Johnny @johnnygweir is so friendly, his Russian is perfect too:) #blonde #blondeinnewyork #johnnyweir #marivanna #bestnewyorkrestaurants #celebritysighting #figureskatinglegend #lovehim #fan. i love him, and he is so so nice, it is always such an amazing thing to find out your favorite celebrity is so awesome❤️ by @blondeinnewyork


YES: they’re baaaaaack for the National Dog Show telecast on Thanksgiving Day!

jw_nds_11-2016_01c_1024Image via Johnny’s official website.


AND Johnny’s performing at one of the special tree-lighting weekends at Galleria Dallas, where he skated gloriously and hosted a Q&A earlier this year.

jw_galleriadallas_12-2016_promo_01g-3_1024Image via Johnny’s official website.

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