#GPFrance: Put a Bird on It

follow jw_gpfrance_11-13-2016_05Tara and Johnny express their uncontainable enthusiasm for Adam Rippon’s free skate during the studio segment of their GP France commentary. More screencaps and full video below!

go site So IDK why Trophée de France turned out to be bird-themed, but there it was, from this winged ice-capade tweeted by NBC Olympics, which includes hilarious bonus commentary by JT&T . . . 


Bird on the ice? Mixed pairs? @taralipinski and @JohnnyGWeir had a good laugh with this one at Grand Prix France! by @NBCOlympics


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 . . . whose performance inspired this had-to-be-gif’d Dream Team moment.


Whatever the reason, the best part (besides the ever-growing puddle of slush in the arena) was that NBCSN actually showed the broadcast, and we have a treasure trove of video this time as opposed to the shrouded-in-mystery Cup of Russia from the previous week. Please enjoy screencaps and full video below, plus a whole YouTube channel of individual programs from the GP France competitors. Next up for our beloved Glitter Twins: Cup of China this weekend. Broadcast details at the end of the post!

They’re baaaaack! And we even found them on NBCSN when they were actually scheduled to be on!





(Johnny’s face.)





“The show was all about Adam!”





Terry offers his own bird impression.





Terry sums up the ladies: “Evgenia Medvedeva at this point is just making it look easy.”







On a more serious note, the Dream Team discusses the difficulties Gracie Gold is having this season.









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Dream Team studio segment. I love that the uploader chose this same moment from the screencaps above as the thumbnail for this. Note: this same YouTube channel also has individual GP France programs with NBC commentary.
Video link.
Alternate link.


Part 1: Men’s free skate. Includes a look at Nathan Chen’s amazing short program beginning at about 00:52; Adam Rippon’s brilliant bronze-medal free skate at about 4:30; Nathan Chen’s free skate at about 11:00; Denis Ten’s silver-medal free skate at about 17:26; and Javier Fernandez’s gold-medal free skate at about 23:36.
Video link.


Part 2: Dream Team studio segment and ladies’ free skate. With Gracie Gold’s free skate beginning at about 2:05; bronze medalist Wakaba Higuchi at about 7:05; and Evgenia Medvedeva’s gold-medal free skate at about 12:26.
Video link.


Part 3: Continuation of ladies’ free skate, beginning with silver medalist Maria Sotskova, plus bonus free dance from World champions and GP France gold medalists Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron.
Video link.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-viagra-generico-200-mg-spedizione-veloce-a-Napoli AND ALSO

The Dream Team is on again this http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=dove-comprare-vardenafil-generico-20-mg-in-italia Saturday, November 19, 11 pm ET / 10 pm CT on NBCSN with Cup of China commentary! vendita viagra generico in farmacia Please note that NBCSN = NBC Sports Network = NOT the same channel as NBC. If 11 pm Saturday night is inconvenient for you (seriously, NBC?), JT&T’s commentary will re-air on Monday, November 21, 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT on Universal HD.

jw_2016-2017_gp_season_promo_05_11-19-2016_1024Image via Johnny’s official website.


I love both of these.

Warm-up. Got him again…🦃 by @johnnygweir


Kill Drills. Used to do these when I was young and spry & fit 8 triple axels in one minute. Wait for it… #fitness by @johnnygweir

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