Puppy Love: Johnny & Tara Return to the National Dog Show

UPDATE! ICYMI: Here are the three features with Johnny & Tara behind the scenes at the National Dog Show, plus a new #DogThanking interview with Johnny & Tema. Video below, plus fab new gifs!

jw_ig_11-17-2016_06Johnny and his beloved puppy Тёма doing interviews at the National Dog Show (watch him & Tara on the Thanksgiving Day broadcast!) to promote Purina’s #DogThanking initiative. Via his Instagram.

Yes, the Glitter Twins are back at the National Dog Show for a second time to offer us a behind-the-scenes look at the dogs, the handlers, the fashion, and oh, the shade of it all! (See them in action during last year’s show here and here.) The National Dog Show airs Thanksgiving Day on NBC at 12 noon in all time zones, immediately following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. In case you’re already in a tryptophan haze that early in the day, NBC will re-air the dog show on Saturday, November 26, 7 pm ET / 6 pm CT.

Also airing on the 26th: recaps of Cup of Russia (4 pm ET / 3 pm CT) and Trophée de France (5 pm ET / 4 pm CT) with J&T commentary ICYMI (which would be completely understandable, especially in the case of Cup of Russia . . . ).

While you’re waiting for all the on-air fabulousness, please take a moment to participate in #DogThanking: post a photo or video on social media showing how you tell your furry friend thanks for all their love, include the hashtag #DogThanking and the tag @Purina, and be sure to make your post public so Purina can find it. Purina will donate $1 to the AKC Canine Health Foundation for every #DogThanking post they see.

Below is all the coverage we have thus far of J&T in Philly last Thursday and Friday, filming their dog show pieces for NBC and taking selfies with lots of happy dogs and owners. This post will be updated with video of all the glorious Tara-and-Johnnyness as it becomes available this week, so please check back often for more! 🐶


I love Johnny’s “born this way” moment at the end of this piece. ❤️

Video link.
Alternate link.


I love it so much I had to gif it.



I also love their impression of the German short-haired pointer’s “alert-and-attentive-at-all-times” expression . . . 



 . . . Johnny’s “sultry” look . . . 



 . . . and Tara’s champion side-eye.



Video link.
Alternate link.


Video link.
Alternate link.


New interview (with the puppy!). More interviews below!

Video link.


Johnny and Тёма getting camera-ready. Please note that Johnny’s shirt is one of the gifts fans gave him for his birthday this year, designed by video ninja Jenn Kittler. Thank you, Johnny, for wearing it so we could all see! ❤ Enjoy a closeup of the shirt here.

Тёма admiring himself on my shirt. We’re both thankful for the wonderful stylings of @mariolazysk & @jpro_makeup for making us presentable! @kenraprofessional by @johnnygweir


So ridiculously cute I can’t stop watching.

Opening the ring here at The National Dog Show with Тёма promoting @purina and #dogthanking!! 🎥 @mariolazysk by @johnnygweir


#thenationaldogshow #purina #DogThanking #nbc #NBCUniversal #mediatour #goldmedalist @JohnnyGWeir it was a pleasure meeting you! by @taylorrossbaker


#thenationaldogshow #purina #DogThanking #nbc #NBCUniversal #mediatour #goldmedalist @johnnygweir it was a pleasure meeting you! by @taylorrossbaker


I’m so thankful that Тёма did satellite interviews with me all morning. :) Like father like son! @purina #dogthanking by @johnnygweir


After Johnny & Тёма were done with media day, the Purina social media accounts were updated with these adorable banners.

Purina on Twitter:



And on Facebook:



Purina also included the original photo plus two others in their press release today:







Johnny explains #DogThanking in this video released by Purina:

Video link.
Alternate link.


Interview with KSNV Las Vegas.

Video link.


Interview with WAVE in Lexington, KY.

Video link.


Interview with WNYT in Albany, NY.

Video link.


Look of the Day: SWEATER @jasonwu TOP Porto PANT @hache_official BOOT @togaarchives NECKS @patricia_field @givenchyofficial @saks HAIR @mariolazysk FACE @jpro_makeup by @johnnygweir


Reunited with his partner-in-crime, Johnny and Tara study up on champion dog criteria . . . 

Back at the dog show! First up taking a deeper look into the judging of “dog expression” We are liking this…. @johnnygweir 🐶🐶🐶 by @taralipinski


Johnny is giving us his best poodle look. #TheNationalDogShow by @taraandjohnny


 . . . and attempt to master dog handling.

Of course they give me the big dog….🐾🐾 by @taralipinski


Enjoyed watching Tara Lipinski & Johnny Weir giggling when the lines were wrong and the dogs misbehaved by Brittany Cipriotti


Pinx parading around with Johnny Weir! by Hal Happersett


So this happened today; watch for Ugly Mutt to be in the background during the showing of The National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day! #thenationaldogshow #handmadedogleashes #handmadedogtoys #uglymuttpets by @uglymuttpets


🤓😎🤓😎 by @denisjarotskij


We love our jobs. @taralipinski @taraandjohnny 🐶 by @johnnygweir


With David Frei, National Dog Show co-host.

Here at the show on Friday with NBC’s Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski. Johnny has a Japanese Chin and Tara a Flat Coated Retriever. They are having a great time doing stuff of the NBC telecast by David Frei


So excited to meet these two in person by Diana Zipperer


Hanging out with Johnny Weir at the Just Fur Fun booth by Just Fur Fun Online


Had a fantastic opportunity to meet two of my very favorite Ice Skaters Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski at the National Dog Show in Philadelphia. This is the photo with Tara, Johnny, Charlie the Azawakh and me by Donna Walker


Look who popped into my booth to film a bit for the Dog Show! Johnny Weir & Tara Lipinski by Alex Cech


Interview with Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir at the National Dog Show today! by Lorraine Rainwater


It was so great to see @TaraandJohnny at the National Dog Show! Luna could not contain her excitement 🐶 @taralipinski @JohnnyGWeir by @britz87


Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski at the National Dog Show… by Brad Parker


The past two days were awesome @taraandjohnny @taralipinski @johnnygweir @mariolazysk #nationaldogshow #purina #makeupartist #lovemyjob by @jpro_makeup


ICYMI. At last, a solid answer to the question: why does NBC send Johnny & Tara to myriad events? :D

We are good at lots of things. #chill @taralipinski @johnnygweir by @taraandjohnny


Our Winter Village Skating Ambassador is headlining the Bryant Park tree-lighting event December 2. Go see him!

jw_bryantpark_12-2016_promo_05-1Image via Johnny’s official website.


Or go see him the next day at the Macy’s Galleria Dallas tree lighting in Texas. (Or do both!)

jw_galleriadallas_12-2016_promo_01g-3_1024Image via Johnny’s official website.

Very special thanks to video ninja Elena Vasileva for all her help!

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