Beautiful Flower in Beijing

jw_weibo_12-18-2016_08_e3_2048Johnny performs to ‘Unforgettable Jasmine Flower’ for the BTV New Year’s Eve Global Music Countdown to 2017 special recorded in Beijing, China, over the weekend. Art edit of a Weibo photo by @kimtoonyuan.

UPDATE: NEW VIDEO & PHOTOS! Below are videos of Johnny’s “Unforgettable Jasmine Flower” performance for Beijing TV, including a special broadcast version, plus bonus pics. Very special thanks to Elena Vasileva and Johnny’s Pandas for their help!


NEW! Johnny’s rehearsal of “Unforgettable Jasmine Flower.”
Video link.


NEW! Gorgeous HD fancam of his performance, with special thanks to Johnny’s Pandas!
Video link.


NEW! Beautiful video compilation of the broadcast version combined with additional HD fancam, created by Johnny’s Pandas so that Johnny’s fans could have a completely “Johnny-focused” version from the broadcast. Thank you, dear Pandas!
Video link.


Alternate fancam version.
Video link.


Bonus vid: Johnny practices his New Year’s greeting in Chinese.
Video link.







So Johnny has just returned from a fast-paced five days in China, capped by his “Unforgettable Jasmine Flower” performance recorded for Beijing TV’s huge upcoming New Year’s Eve special: “BTV New Year’s Eve Global Music Countdown to 2017.” It was a tremendous honor for Johnny to be invited to this event, where he skated to a live performance by renowned Chinese singer Lei Jia, a close friend of China’s First Lady, Peng Liyuan. Lei Jia first performed “Unforgettable Jasmine Flower,” an updated version of the traditional Chinese song, “Jasmine Flower / Mo Li Hua,” for all the assembled heads of state at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China, in September 2016.

Johnny’s dear Chinese Pandas explain that the four-hour New Year’s Eve countdown airs next Saturday, December 31, beginning at 8 pm Beijing time (Saturday 7 am ET / 6 am CT). Because Lei Jia is one of the superstars of the evening, Johnny’s performance is scheduled near the end of the show, likely around 10 am ET. Our hope is that BTV will livestream the special, so please keep an eye out here and on social media for a livestream link!

Below we have every bit of coverage I could find of Johnny’s visit via the wondrously confusing labyrinths of Weibo, from his arrival at the Beijing airport to rehearsals and tantalizing teases of his performance (with hopefully HD video to come). Please enjoy all the loveliness to close out this generally hideous year, and then go get your tickets to start 2017 off the right way by watching Johnny perform at the University of Delaware in January. See you there!

P.S.: There’s still time to help wish Johnny happy holidays. Deadline is December 30. Details here!

UPDATE: Meet-n-greet tickets for Johnny’s UD performance are now available! Tickets are $50/person and are limited. IMPORTANT NOTE: VIP tickets include the show. VIP ticketholders receive preferred seating at the show, light hors d’oeuvres during intermission in the VIP lounge, and a 15-20 minute meet-n-greet following the show.

Contact the UD Ice Arenas ASAP here or at 302-831-2868 to reserve VIP tix, or email UD Ice Arena Manager Jim Kaden (

Show-only tickets are $20/person and are available through Ticketmaster here.

And one more UPDATE: Here’s Johnny wishing his beloved Pandas a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Video via Amazing on Ice’s Weibo.

Video link.


The Pandas await Johnny with a beautiful bouquet featuring jasmine flowers.



And he’s here!!
















A peek at his costume! (He also posted this photo on his Weibo, where a lively and lolarious discussion over whether he was portraying a flower or a cabbage ensued in the comments.)

Welcome to China. #molihua by @johnnygweir






That thing of when you’re trying to take a selfie & carry on a rapid conversation at the same time. #TechSkills by @johnnygweir


And also this happened with Måns Zelmerlöw, the Eurovision 2015 winner from Sweden:

Freaking out because me and @manszelmerlow shared rehearsal time today. 💙🇸🇪💛 by @johnnygweir


And this:

Video link.


And this.

In China, we rock the red. 🇨🇳@dongliangchina @umawangofficial by @johnnygweir


Johnny and his Pandas enjoyed a little time together during his brief trip, in which selfies were taken and he was admonished by concerned Pandas to be sure to wear his mask if he ventured out into the city.






With my dear friend Haohewuyin (“Number” on Twitter), one of the leaders of Johnny’s Pandas, who always knows what’s going on and how to solve any problem no matter how intense the chaos.


Johnny also posted the photo below on his Weibo and wrote: “I was a good boy and wore my mask! 😷 😇 ” (Possibly so Haohewuyin wouldn’t yell at him.)

Even the air quality warnings from Chinese government can’t keep me away from Christmas shopping. 🎁 by @johnnygweir


Five hours later:

Bed time! 💤 by @johnnygweir


So apparently there was a really really really long time spent waiting backstage, because, as mentioned above, Johnny’s performance came very late in the taping. Fortunately that meant there was time for him and Evgeni Plushenko to hang out, as seen in these photos, which may or may not be in the right order.



Warming up? Waiting for show time with @plushenkoofficial ❤️💤 by @johnnygweir


And then, at last, it was time for Johnny’s “Unforgettable Jasmine Flower.” Thus far we only have these beautiful screencaps and gifs from his performance, for which we are endlessly grateful.









Three gorgeous gifs, with thanks to @Selogia_Stark on Weibo.




And a breathtakingly beautiful clip from Johnny:

A small sideline glimpse of my performance for Beijing TV New Years Eve celebration. Not bad for 1:30am. 🎼 “Jasmine Flowers” by @johnnygweir


Zhenya filming Johnny during rehearsal.



Video link.



A peek at the less-glamorous side of filming the broadcast.

by @Lizzy


Show day selfie for a lucky fan!


And a random photo posted by Amazing on Ice the next day in which IDEK what’s going on other than that there are multiple copies of a photo of him performing in Amazing on Ice this past summer on the table in front of him. Here’s hoping they’re already making plans for Johnny in Amazing on Ice 2017 . . . !

UPDATE! One of my lovely Weibo friends, Lothril, explains what’s going on here: “Before Johnny came to Beijing, Amazing on Ice started an activity which you post your Christmas and New Year wishes and photos to Johnny (as well as Zhenya and Kurt) on Weibo, you can win a chance to receive a secret gift from your own idols! And all the wishes and photos posted by fans will be delivered to them by Amazing on Ice.” The gifts won’t be revealed until Christmas Eve, but Amazing on Ice did say that autographed photos would be part of it, so we’re guessing Johnny is autographing all those photos on the table.

Lothril also translated the caption that accompanied this photo: “It said, ‘All the wishes have already been sent to Johnny. He is reading very carefully and recognized a lot of familiar faces. He also praises fans for their beautiful art works.'” You can see all the beautiful holiday wishes sent to Johnny by Chinese fans here (once, the page loads, click or tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen to advance the wishes one by one).


Yes, I’m gently reminding you again. Tickets are limited, so hurry and get yours ASAP!

jw_ud_01-2017_promo_03_1024Image via Johnny’s official website.


As I may have mentioned about 50 photos ago at the top of the blog, there’s still plenty of time to participate! Details here.


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