Happy 7th Blogoversary! Here, Have Some Sun-Drenched Johnny & a Bonus Random Puppy

JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6086-3_e1Beautiful Johnny at rehearsal in Sun Valley, Idaho. Exclusive photo © David Keyser.

Today we celebrate our annual milestone in my utter inability to at least partially recover some semblance of interest in something other than Johnny, as the enduring and much-loved blog tagline says. And we’re doing so with a huge and brightly colored splash of exclusive photos and video that showcases not only Johnny’s extraordinary gift on the ice, but also his incredibly infectious sense of fun. This series, shot at Sun Valley rehearsal last summer, wonderfully conveys one of the most striking things about Johnny as a person: though at heart he is a self-described introvert, he is hilariously engaging to be around. The minute he glides onto the ice, there’s no doubt about it: The Fun Has Arrived.

Please enjoy this peek at Johnny in a very good mood: cracking everyone up; taking time to chat with fans; playing tricks on the venerable elder statesman of skating, the fantastic Richard Dwyer; and even so, still getting in some serious rehearsal work. This gorgeous series makes me smile every time I scroll through it. The accompanying videos are the perfect go-to anytime you need to be reminded that there is still an abundance of beauty and kindness and joy and love in this world. It’s a reminder I’ve needed more and more in recent months.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to read here for the past seven years, to all who have sidled up to me at random times / places / events to gasp with kindred-spirit delight, “Are you BINKY?! Ahhhhhh I feel like you totally get me!”, and to every person who has ever contacted me to say, “OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG.” You have all made the last seven years infinitely worthwhile.

And as always, thank you especially to dear Johnny, who skated across my computer screen a little more than seven years ago and changed everything. My life is forever a more beautiful place because you are in it. ❤️

All of the pics below are pleasingly huuuuuge. Please click any photo to open it in a separate window and admire it in all its full-size glory.

JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6046_e1Johnny with Sun Valley on Ice choreographer Stephanee Grosscup, who is attempting to very seriously explain the steps involved in the show’s final group number to Johnny, who is not a big fan of group numbers or seriousness.


JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6070_e1And the group rehearsal is in full swing. Stephanee directs Richard Dwyer, Angela Wang, Johnny, and Jason Graetz . . . 


JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6073_e1 . . . but Johnny skates to the beat of his own drummer . . . 








JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6083_e1Aaaand let’s try that again . . . 


JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6084_e1. . . wait what?. . . 


JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6087_e1. . . oh, ending pose! Yay!


JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6089_e1And: curtain call! Yep, we got this.


JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6096_e1Time for selfies with Craig Heath.


JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6124_e1Recording interviews for Sun Valley Lodge and other media, including this fab piece with my dear friend Wanda Gelsebach!


JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6127_e1Stopping by to say hello to Wanda and me . . . 


JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6128_e3 . . . during which hilarity ensues.


JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6129_e1And now, down to business on the ice.
















JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6154_e1Graciously pausing to greet fans gathered at rinkside.


JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6155-2_e1We are all Anita Hartshorn.


JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6157-2_e1Back to work.








































JW_DWK_07-2016_K5A6228-2_e1Cracking jokes with John Coughlin, Angela, and Ryan Bradley.


The final group number was set to Andy Grammer’s ‘Good to Be Alive,’ which also turned out to be the perfect choice for this Johnny rehearsal montage. Please especially enjoy the interaction with Richard Dwyer beginning at about 2:46, in which Johnny inserts himself — much to Richard’s surprise — into Richard’s special program, skated with four ladies who represent the four seasons.

Video link.
Alternate link.


Johnny helps calm a random puppy at rehearsal. Please apply liberally whenever you need emergency cuteness.

Video link.
Alternate link.


And also: national treasure Richard Dwyer’s wonderful performance in that evening’s show.

Video link.


jw_lvk_07-23-2016_07-2_e1sHappy blogoversary! Forever grateful to Wanda for this fabulous photo!


Back by popular demand: Johnny is once again starring in the annual spring show hosted by his home rink, the Skating Club of Wilmington. This year’s two-day event is happening Friday, April 7, and Saturday, April 8, with a special meet-n-greet with Johnny scheduled for Saturday morning. Show info/tickets here; meet-n-greet info/tickets here. Don’t miss this chance to meet Johnny and see him perform live!




Exclusive photos © David Keyser.

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  4 comments for “Happy 7th Blogoversary! Here, Have Some Sun-Drenched Johnny & a Bonus Random Puppy

  1. Christine
    March 1, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    I’ve been meaning to give various points of praise for a while now and since it’s this blog’s birthday, now is as good a time as any, yes? Okay, commence positive rambling:

    So early November 2016 confirmed that this amazingly crappy year was going to be extended indefinitely. I knew this country was in for a fight and I needed to be part of it but I also knew I needed to have something to go back to between calling representatives, marching, following current events etc. in order to keep some semblance of sanity. I didn’t want to lose the desire to laugh, be silly, get interested in new things, which can happen easily in the face of oppressive regimes and then you become burnt out and useless to the cause, right? Right.

    So. I had been watching Yuri on Ice since it started airing in October. Suddenly this sweet and funny little show that created a lovely world for queer athletes to exist happily and successfully in became a big escape from the real world which was on fire (I think that was the case for a lot of people) and I particularly enjoyed the loving nods it gave to the real life sport, especially to one of my favorite athletes, Johnny Weir.

    I must confess, though, that while I love the sport (it’s what got me into watching YOI after all) I am the figure skating fan equivalent of the Christmas/Easter Christian. I’ll check in for the major holiday, but I’m out of the loop otherwise. I sat with friends in college and watched the Vancouver games. We saw Johnny and were dumbfounded that this incredibly unique and expressive and fucking fabulous skater was on our team! I watched him and Tara explode during Sochi and it was great and I longed for the day such wit, knowledge and joyful gender non-conformity would be in prime time on a major network. Basically I knew enough to know of Johnny Weir as the guy who managed to win two Winter Olympics without going through the ordinary channels of what some people consider winning the Olympics. This could easily be the jumping off point for me for a whole academic paper but I really just mean to say, I remembered always liking that kid, Johnny, and the nods to him in Yuri on Ice prompted me to see what he was up to. I dove in.

    Cut to me decorating my place for Christmas while going through the entirety of the Tara and Johnny podcast. Then I saw I could easily jump in and start following the figure skating season, so I did! And they helped me understand what the heck was going on and I was learning new things and it was fun. And because I’m a researcher at heart I wanted to learn more about Johnny Weir and I didn’t have to do any kind of work to find this place! This large and well organized library of information and images! Everything is so thorough around here, I love it. It’s a really amazing thing and a big part of my efforts to keep myself sane while staying informed on the world at large.

    Congrats on building and maintaining this hub. I know many fans must be so appreciative. The subject of this blog must me so appreciative because this is such an outstanding resource that captures and engages new fans, whether they come in trickles or waves. I’ll also add quickly that this blog’s twitter is great, too. A+ content. Thank you and happy blog birthday!

    • Binky
      March 1, 2017 at 7:50 pm

      Thank you so very much for this wonderful comment!! You have totally made my whole day. ❤❤

  2. Chris
    February 28, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    I love this post, this blog, Davey’s beautiful photography, and yes, we ARE all Anita Hartshorn. These pictures and videos transport me directly to the sunshine and crisp air that is Sun Valley when the one and only Johnny Weir is on the ice creating magic and art before our eyes. Binky, I’m so grateful to be one of those people who met you at an event! You and Davey are treasures to the fandom. Happy Blogaversary!!!

    • Binky
      February 28, 2017 at 6:52 pm

      Thank you so much, Chris!! Forever grateful that Johnny brought you into my life. ❤❤❤ Cannot imagine IHOP without you….!

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